Friday, 30 November 2007

Motorhomes Galore and Other Interesting Stuff.

Last night we had to take the motorhome back to it's mummy showroom for some repairs under warranty. I am now the designated driver as Gary doesn't have a licence, so I had to drive the van in the scary dark all the way to Newark! Anyway, no one died and we arrived safely in time for tea. Brownhill's Motorhomes has free overnight facilities so we stay there in order to get the van in the workshop nice and early. While the van was being fixed, we spend a few hours wandering around the lot.
This was probably a mistake as Brownhill's claims to have the largest stock of motorhomes in Europe and there was lots for us to drool over. Below is just a tiny selection of what's on offer.

It didn't take us long to fall in love with a 2000 Mercedes Rapido! It's the same size as ours, but so much swisher and the lay-out was so much more practical. It would only cost us another £5,000 which seems a lot but on a loan isn't so it?!!!!

That's me in the driving seat down there.
The seating arrangement is smaller, but it has a fixed double bed which means someone can recline and read in comfort in the evenings. It had every little luxury like fly screens, sliding windows, bike rack, shower etc. All the fitments were top luxury. I honestly don't think I could have thought of any extras that weren't included.

Below is one we didn't want to buy as the price tag was £85,995!!!!

This is me driving our van home.

So we have come home upset that we don't have thousands of spare cash to spend on a new motorhome. We can't afford it as I am costing too much is driving offences this week. So far I have 2 x £30 fines for driving through the tram gate (damn Sheffield City Council for sneaking in a new camera!) and 3 points and a £60 fine for speeding! I blame Gary for not driving and making me do it all!!!
Our tumble dryer broke down last week and this time hubbiest could do nothing to save it. Well, it was 15 years old so we mustn't grumble. I found a bargain dryer on eBay from Manchester so a few nights ago we set out at about 4.30pm over the Woodhead Pass to fetch it home. It hadn't occurred to me that I would be driving over the mountain pass and across the moors in the dark and I certainly wasn't prepared for the swirling fog that engulfed us! I was literally terrified. I don't see too well in the dark anyway with oncoming traffic blinding me and the fog was so dense that at times I could not see past the bonnet!

When we got home I felt the need to make a stress-o-meter to illustrate how agitated I was. This week I had a root canal filling and driving over the Woodhead Pass was faaaaaar worse I can tell you!

This stress-o-meter was really made for my journal.
Here's a few more pages. This watercolour is pretty self explanatory really!
I'm working on a whole series of self portraits. Can you tell it's me?
This is my favourite. My left foot!

Lastly for today's blog, a bargain. I picked up this digital Olympus Camedia C-40 ZOOM for £5.99!!! It even takes video. :0) It works perfectly and all it needs is a USB lead to download to my laptop and that has cost me £3.95. Bloody bargain mate!