Thursday, 9 October 2008

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 8.

And here, lastly but not leastly, is a pretty macro photo of some flowers in mum's (Sandie's) garden. :0)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 7.

This fantastic photo is from mum (Sandie). Well done mum, this is perfick!

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 6.

Blimey, they're coming thick and fast now! Check this monster out from Paul:

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 5.

And the award for the yukkiest macro shot goes to.....Babs!:

What we need now is a macro of a spider. Anyone brave enough?

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 4.

Here's one from Tina. Poor little moth!:

Monday, 6 October 2008

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 3.

Here we have four more macro shots. Firstly Mum (Sandie) sent me this fantastic photo of a an orange. If you click you can see the dimples and moisture droplets on the skin:

This next one is of a cactus that I bought mum years ago and is now about three times the size. If you liked the spines on the feather Tina, try these for size!:

Here are some more offerings from Babs (I hadn't realised it was conker time yet. Sigh...the children are growing up and conker season suddenly seems unimportant):

And my favourite (because I think cabbage is most yummy!):

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 2.

These two beautiful and very professional shots were taken by Bry who likes wander round Lincolnshire very early in order to catch the early morning light. Click on them both for a bigger view. Look closely at the spines on the feather and the 'seedy bits' (what are they called?) in the anemone. Aren't they wonderful?:

More please!