Thursday, 20 December 2007

Alternative Christmas Presents - Still 5 Days To Go!

I just heard that my cousin Lynne has asked for something from this website for Christmas. What a fantasmagorical idea! I am so impressed that I am going to ask for things from here too when my birthdays comes round. That will be February 1st......I say FEBRUARY 1st. :0)

Look at all the cool things you can buy! Please do take a look and put it in your favourites for when you have to buy a gift for someone.

We in the Western world want for practically nothing. A small purchase on this website can change a family or indeed a whole villages lives.

Someone get me a bog will they?!!!

Daddy's Home And Sausage Rolls - 5 Days To Go!

Daddy's home! Mr. Wooks arrived home last night to the sweet smell of freshly cooked sausage rolls, yummy. I also did a batch of veggie rolls for Emily to my own recipe and they turned out really well. This has to be the most unflattering photo of us ever, but it captured the moment. *love*

These are the carniverous rolls with pastry just like Mr. Wooks mummy used to make:

Most of them are still plated up for you doubters out there! We all had a few and then had dinner, so there was no room for any more. I'm sure we'll polish them off tonight though! Below is the mess I get into when I make pastry. I just can't help it. Pastry making is the messiest job around!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Waiting For Mr.Wooks - 6 Days To Go!

I am trying to look pensive for this photo, but instead look like I've just spied a spider on the ceiling! Oh Come All Ye Faithful is playing on the radio, the Chrissy decs are up and I can't wait for the children and Mr.Wooks to start their holiday on Friday. YAY!

I am off to post the one and only Christmas card I am sending this year to my dear Father-in-law and then when I get home it's sausage roll making time. Mr. Wooks will be pleased! I shall try and time the baking of them for when he gets home so that he is greeted by that lovely yummy smell. :0)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Christmas Tree And The Meat Market.

The Christmas decorations are finally up, PHEW! We really weren't in the mood, but we put a Christmas MP3 on and rocked around the Christmas tree and were soon in the festive spirit. I'm pleased it's done now as the girls get so excited when they see the tree go up. This year I added blue twinkling LED lights and blue tinsel and baubles to match my new colour scheme, very pretty. Today I even wrapped all the girls' presents.

Here are a couple of ornaments I begged from my mum and dad's tree a few years ago. This first one, a white plastic reindeer covered in silver glitter is from when they were first married in 1962.

And this little golden pixie is from Gran and Granddad's tree which I greatly admired as a small girl. :0)

Yesterday we took our yearly pilgrimage to Barnsley Market. The fruit and veg there is second to none and so cheap! Here's me and daddy at the fruit stall. Notice the rather smashing shopping trolley that we have to cart around. :0)

Then we met auntie Mo who happened to be doing her shopping too. We had a bite to eat and a cup of tea in Tilly's Cafe.

And here is the reason we really go to Barnsley Market every Christmas, Barker's Butchers in the meat & fish market. They sell the best meat in Yorkshire and we always have a laugh with them. I bought a huge corner of beef, some donkey's doo-dah's (don't ask!) a boiling ham and 2lb of sausage meat for my sausage rolls. Luverly jubbly.

I'll try and be a bit more festive and update you on the yuletide happenings at our house. Ta ta for now!