Friday, 17 October 2008

Guessing Game And Broken Bones.

Babs (Beetle) got it right first, it's a smashing set of drink coasters! They're very cool indeed. :0)

Just heard from my oncologist last night that I have fractured my pelvis! I had an x-ray taken on Monday due to pain in my pubic bone and it turns out there's a crack. The good news is that there are already signs of new bone growth. He reckons it fractured due to me using my walking stick and walking oddly causing stress on that area. He says it's nothing to do with progression of disease and in fact the original tumour on my pelvis is repairing itself due to the bone strengthening treatment I have been having. So good news really.

I'm off now for a weekend away in the camper so hopefully I'll have some nice photos to show you on my return.

Monday, 13 October 2008


Well, you've all had your guess and you're all wrong! This may not please you as much as it pleases me, but I love a bit of kitsch! Here's the hamburger seperated out:

I reckon this makes it obvious, but maybe not. It's a lifesize hamburger by the way.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Birthday Party.

It was Emily's 17th birthday party last night and we agreed to a house party. I was very nervous about letting it go ahead mostly because of my mum and dad and my aunties winding me up about everything that could go wrong! There could be drunken crashers...orgies...damage to our the end it all went very well with nothing more than tipsy high spirits. I told you all it would be ok! I reasoned that any friends that Emily chose would be as nice and sweet as her and couldn't possibly cause trouble, and I was right! :0P

Emily's party was neon themed and here's her make-up that I did for her:

And here's her smashing neon outfit. Please note her birthday present that she's wearing on her feet:

Here's a beautiful photo of my little princess Suzie, just because:

And lastly, here's a guessing game. I was tickled pink to buy this today. What do you think it's for? It's made of ceramic and each layer comes apart for a special purpose: