Saturday, 1 March 2008

Poor Bobbie!

Look at my poor baby! I took her to the vet on Wednesday because she had a very sore eye and he said she had a pinprick ulcer. Despite eye ointment by Friday the ulcer had grown to about 1/4" across and he said that if he didn't operate the next day she may lose her eye. They have scraped away all the dead tissue on the eye (yuk!) and then sewn her third eyelid (where is the second one?) to her upper eyelid. She is so dopey after her anaesthetic and it's so cute. Doesn't she look like a little teddy bear in this picture. My poor, poor darling. :0(

Apart from that, I am on my second round of radiotherapy in as any weeks! First I had five days on my spine lesion as the pain was getting too much, now I am halfway through a nine day block on my hip again. Apart from being tired, there are no side effects. I will expect some burning in my groin like last time, but it shouldn't be as bad as it is a lesser dose apparently. Seeing as I am only allowed two goes at radiotherapy in any place I am expecting my mobility to be seriously compromised if the pelvis lesion starts playing me up again later on as this is already my second go. My Oncologist said this round of radio' should keep the pain away for many months, but not years. :0(