Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Finished At Last!

I finally finished my quilt. We went away in the camper for the weekend and I spent my time hand beading and adding the little flowers and butterflies round the edges. Yesterday I machine embroidered a spider:
A ladybird (in honour of my friends in Texas):

A little bumble bee. If you look closely you can just about see his 3D gossamer wings:

Here you can just about see the beading:

And finally, the finished quilt. PHEW!:

A few days ago I was determined to figure out how to print from the computer onto cotton fabric. It was quite simple really. I sprayed a sheet of paper with temporary glue (like Spray Mount) and stuck the cotton to it before cutting the cotton to the exact size. It went through the printer like a dream (see below). I will see if I can find a spray that will make it UV stable so it doesn't fade. The quilting possibilities are limitless now! I might do a life size portrait of mummy!!!

Look at my little travel iron. It has to be 20 years old and never used. I dug it out to go with my the little ironing pad I made and it's perfect for my teeny tiny sewing room. :0)
Yesterday I started a triptych painting for mummy and daddy. It's all Artex and masking and stenciling and mess. I might blog about that later. Right, I'm off to add another layer...