Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bobbie Video

Here's a little video of Bobbie. :0)

She's doing better at night now. We have discovered that we can have a peaceful evening if we put her on our bed. She sleeps all evening on her back with her stumpy legs in the air! Then at bedtime we just pop her into her crate and into Livvie's room. Livvie baracades her into a little space so that she can step out of her crate if she wants to for a pee or a poop. Two nights running Bobbie has created because she's pooped and wants me to change the paper. When the paper is changed she settles down to sleep again.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gary's EEG At Last!

Today, after I had my radiotherapy we went to get Gary's EEG. It was a last minute cancellation appointment so we only found out about it yesterday. We arrived an hour early because the cancer hospital is a few minutes walk away from the hosital where Gary had his appointment. There were two hours between our appointments so we killed an hour in a cafe and then wandered over to The Royal Hallamshire Hospital for Gary. Luckily they saw Gary straight away. I asked if I could take photos and the nurse didn't mind. So here's what they did to him:
The nurse attached a rubber 'hairnet' and then placed little connector blocks under it that connected to Gary's scalp with a special gel. Once she had done this she clipped wires to them. It probably took about 20 minutes.

These wires were connected to the machine that could pick up Gary's brain waves.

Gary was then asked to lay on a couch as some of the tests might bring on a seizure. The tests were quite simple. First he had to close his eyes for two minutes and then open them for two minutes while the nurse took readings. I assume this was to gauge normal brain function. Then he had to do deep breathing for 3 minutes in order to make him hyper-ventilate. Then they flashed strobe lighting in his eyes at various speeds. Luckily/unluckily (depends on which way you look at it) it didn't bring on a fit. Being NHS, Gary won't find out the results for up to six weeks! Oh well, seeing as they probably won't even find anything I suppose it doesn't really matter!

Monday, 11 February 2008

My Name Is Bobbie, Pleased To Meet You!

This is Bobbie, my new Shih Tzu baby girl. She was born on 17th December and she came home with us yesterday. Look at that little face, it looks like she's been smacked with a frying pan!!!

I'm sure she's going to be a beautiful little doggie, but for now she's very hard work what with my back paining me so much. Oh well, it's all my own fault! :0)

Last night, because we knew she'd cry, we put her in her little cage with her bed, then we put the cage with the door open in the shower and then we closed the shower door. She SCREAMED the place down! She would have woken the whole street so we took her in her cage upstairs next to our bed where she continued to scream. In the end Livvie came in and took her into her bedroom becuase se sleeps with a light on. Bobbie was better but continued to cry on and off in the night. Livvie was able to sleep through most of it. I was up at midnight trawling the web for puppy training advice! It would seem that most people say that you have to ignore the crying and screaming and that the baby will eventually get that I won't come running every time.

This is me at 7.30am after being woken by a poo covered puppy. Look at my pained expression! Me and Livvie had to bath her and then I had to hand wash her bed.

It's so difficult getting anything done with a puppy in the house. I had to get Livvie to look after Bobbie while I washed, made the bed and did the chores. Thank goodness Livvie's off school this week! It's also handy because I am having a week of radiotherapy on my back and of course Livvie can doggy-sit. I'll put a video on later of her little stubby legs and waddling bum. :0)