Thursday, 6 March 2008

All Change!

Just a quickie to let you know that we are changing Bobbie's name to Suzie. We are sick of everyone calling her a 'he'! It will be difficult to change after three weeks though. :0)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

New Piece Of Work

I have started a new needlework project. It's a self portrait of sorts done in caricature.

Here's the first paper draft. I will surround myself with familiar words and symbols. Obviously the syringe is for chemo and not because I'm a drug addict!

Here is the start I already made on fabric. I fused the pieces onto the backing using my own hand dyed fabrics. From now on most of the work will be hand stitching. I really wanted to do something complicated with my hands and thought this would be fun to embellish with buttons and threads and beads. I shall keep you regularly updated on the progress. :0)

The Puppet Catcher!

Last night was the premier of Emily's puppet film. She worked on it over the half term with the Puppetechnics team:

There was a red carpet and the press were there and Emily's going to be in the paper. :0) When they gave the presentation speech Emily was mentioned because she had the biggest puppet parts and did most of the puppet work. Emily plays Robbie Green:

and Miss Hooper:

All the scenery is made and painted by the same people that do Coronation Street. It's all very cool. Here's the link to the film. You can watch the whole thing here (in two parts):

I hope you enjoy it, we certainly did. We were roaring with laughter! Were's so proud of Emily. :0)