Thursday, 26 July 2007

Bone scan

Wednesday 25th July 2007

Today I went for a bone scan at the hospital. My Oncologist ordered it because I have been having hip pains again and he thought we’d better just check. My hip was fine and my old tumour site looked way better. However, there were some worrying hot spots on my chest and mid spine. The technician lady said the spots on my chest might be explained as urine in my kidneys perhaps, but the spot on my spine was somewhat worrying. Someone else suggested it might be the edge of my sternum, but then that didn’t show up in previous scans. My Oncologist won’t get to see the scan for about a week as it goes through the system so I have rather a long wait for the verdict. :0(

The route to the hospital is still being diverted through the lanes because of the floods. As we drove through Lower Bradfield a herd of cows were blocking the road. They were just coming back from milking. It’s fab living in the country and we certainly don’t mind hold ups like this!

When I first got to the hospital I was given a radioactive injection and sent away for a few hours for it to take effect. No contact with pregnant ladies or children and no sitting next to anyone for prolonged periods of time. We used this time to go into Sheffield and look at the new building on The Peace Garden. It’s looking great now, quite cosmopolitan. The Peace Gardens had a face lift a few years ago, probably in 2000. There are streams and fountains and waterfalls where the children play in the summer.

Oh my goodness, I look like a beach ball! When did I ever get SO fat? It's comfort eating, that's what it is.

This photo is a little better cos my bottom half is hidden!Behind this is The Winter Garden which holds galleries, shops and cafes. They have loads of these huge stainless ball water features. If you look carefully you can see me and Gary reflected in the ball! :0)

Normally we’d take a stroll round The Graves Gallery while we’re there, but we didn’t get the time.
When I got back to the hospital at 1pm I was put through a big machine.

A big box thing comes down so close to your face that you think it’s going to squash your head like a watermelon! That’s all there is to it really. Afterwards I talked the technicians into showing me the scan picture and comparing the old scan to the new scan. They’re very sweet to me whenever I have a scan and always greet me like old friends. They even had my baby needle laid out ready today!
After the scan we had to go and tell mum and dad the news which of course is never a pleasant job. They didn’t even know I was going for a scan so it was a bit of a shock. I never tell anyone anything until there’s something to worry about. If I’d have told mum three weeks ago that I was waiting for a scan she would have spent those three weeks in a right state about it!
So there you are, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from my Oncologist. He’ll probably order X-rays and an MRI.

Phase Seventy Six.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More antibiotics, lack of oomph and fluffy pom-poms.

Just go back from the doctors again. I am getting so bored with doctors and hospitals now. :0( Last week I tried to pull my stitches out as they were making me so sore. When I failed i went back to the hospital and they too failed. The result of all that pulling and tugging is yet another infection. I was supposed to go back to the hospital to see the surgeon, but I don't want to go again so I went to see my GP instead. This time, two more lots of stronger antibiotics and thrush treatment for after I finish my course. I am so fed up with feeling poorly and under the weather.

I have a total lack of oomph and spend my time reclining on the bed and surfing the web for fabulous ideas. Even though I lack the enthusiasm to actually make anything, at least I have had time to do loads of research! Crikey, my little art quilt had better be good or everyone will give me such a hard time!!!

I was trying to think of something to do with Livvie this morning so I showed her how to make a pom-pom for a cat's toy. Do you remember making those as a child with two disks of card and a ball of old wool?

Livvie never knew that you could make them yourself and was delighted with the result!

It's difficult to know what to do with Livvie to entertain her during the Summer Holidays. Most things involve cooking, wool, beads and sewing. Oh, and painting always goes down well with her too. She particularly enjoyed an outdoor sketch session I did with her last Summer. She was surprised to find how much she enjoyed picking a section of a dry stone wall and discussing it's texture and how the light hit it etc. Then we both sketched what we saw. Birch trees are also good for this type of exercise I find.

I think I shall do a small sewing project with her next. Although she loves making things she has little patience with hand sewing and her stitches are usually bigger than the item she's sewing! I need to try and teach her a little patience. Anyone that knows Livvie will know this will be a hard task!

I acquired some more beads yesterday. Auntie Babs gave some 'squisite beads to play with and Mummy bought me three strings of beads from the charity shop. Some of them were very pretty rose printed porcelain.

After all my tidying and cleaning, my desk is now in organised chaos. As soon as my new bead box arrives I can 'file' as many small beads as possible and then decide how I'm going to organise the rest. The bigger beads will be OK in the component boxes (pictured front). I can't keep the tiny beads in these boxes as they get mixed too easily. With my new bead box, each section has a lid of it's own.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

I have done loads today. I think I am more or less finished in my little work room. I had the very sad task of sorting out all my gorgeous mohair today, ready for selling. :0( It is the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive mohair pile which I love, but I really must admit that I'll never make bears again. I have bagged it up and it must now go into the loft until we next visit Lyme Regis. My friend owns Alice's Bear Shop there and has agreed to sell my bear making supplies for me.

I have finally finished winding all my threads, fibres and ribbons onto bobbins. I have also sorted all my fabric scraps and placed them neatly in a box. It's all sorted now and I am just awaiting the delivery of my new bead organising box. I have gazillions of beads all bagged up on my desk ready for their new home.

I was sorting through an old needlework box this afternoon and I found some very precious beads that I had forgotten about. They are all the left over beads from when I beaded my wedding dress 17 years ago. They're not precious because I have romantic memories of that wedding (divorced him!) but because it was my very first foray into needlework and beading. :0) And besides, they're really pretty beads.

Gary finally managed to mow the lawns today after about a month of non-stop rain. The rain has moved South now to give us a break. The news is saying that it's very bad in the South today and now they have flooding. I've never known a summer like this!

No pretty photos today I'm afraid, maybe tomorrow. :0)

Flippin' 'eck!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

I had a marvelous time rummaging round bead shops and charity shops today. First we found a bead shop by Brammal Lane and the prices of their beads are astronomical. They have 3g of seed beads for £2.25. Have you any idea how much 3g is? I am looking at 3g now and I estimate that they would very neatly fit into a thimble. In fact I shall go and try it right now, wait a minute....Gosh I am extremely clever, they fit exactly into a thimble with not a bead to spare! Most shops sell them in 3-5g quantities.We then went to Ecclesall Road in Sheffield to another shop only to find that they were mostly charging PER BEAD! Of course I wasn't able to spend that sort of money so we looked in the charity shops. I found loads of cool things:

Photo: Sindie Smith

From the top:

Green Chinese fabric top with bead fringing.
Blue and white beaded belt
Ceramic multi-stringed necklace
Green multi-stringed necklace
Dark red beaded necklace
Peacock multi-stringed necklace

The green top, the beaded belt and the bright ceramic necklace are second-hand, but the other items are new Fair Trade. Remember I had just seen the cost of beads in the other shops so I was very excited with these finds!

When I got home I cut all the strings, took apart the belt and took the beaded trim off the green top. I will keep the green fabric for my stash of course. I then weighed and bagged all the beads in order to prove a point. I then looked up all the prices of the beads in the two bead shops I had visited and did some quick calculations. The grand total for all those beads, had I bought them new from the shops would be....wait for it.....£141.75!!! Can you believe that people that sort of money for beads? That bright ceramic necklace had £26.31 worth of beads and the green and peacock necklaces would have cost £82.49!!! My flabber has been gasted.

Oh, and Gary found three books so he's happy enough. (it also took his mind off the money I was spending!!)

By the way, the auction for the box (see yesterday's post) went as high as the Buy It Now anyway.

Card Making

Friday, 20 July 2007

Mumsie keeps telling me I must 'show and tell' my cards. This was another hobby I dabbled in because mum has all the card making stuff. This first one is a paper collage:

This next one has a paper mache heart (I made it up all on my own, cool huh?) Another paper mache card topper:

3D flowers, tinted with chalk and layered on various pretty papers:

Lastly, another paper mache topper painted with acrylics:
I'm sure there will be more hobbies that I will remember in time. :0)

Debt Collectors & Storage boxes.

Friday, 20 July 2007

I have decided to edit bits and pieces in case I get in trouble! I have a lot to learn about these blog things. I must remember that I am chatting to the world and not just my friends and family!

I have had six...I say SIX...Final Demands from six different credit recovery companies and another one today! It is addressed to a Mr.BLAH BLAH that lives up the road. This has been going on for months and months. He lives in sheltered accommodation in BLAH BLAH Court, while I live in BLAH BLAH Lane. We have been up to see him three times now to tell him to sort things out and he's such a jolly old man and laughs it off! Gary even spoke to the warden and she wasn't interested at all. Every time a new demand appears threatening court and debt collectors, I have to phone the company and explain all over again. They assure me that it won't affect my credit, but I'm inclined not to believe them. Every time I open another letter my stomach flips somersaults. It's not fair is it? Silly old man doesn't give a hoot that he's in so much debt. He just keep taking out more personal loans. He probably thinks they won't touch him as he's this space!

I have just spent another couple of hours finishing all the bead and braid organising and it has become apparent that a couple of little £1.25 boxes really won't cut the mustard! I have so many different sized boxes with all the bits in that it's all taking up far too much room and I can't keep it all together. I have been looking on eBay and found something really good that should contain pretty much all of it for a Buy It Now of only £10.95 + £3.00 postage. I know that's about £10 more than I was thinking of spending, but hey ho! Actually, there are a few for auction so I shall see if I can sneak a last minute bid and get one cheaper.

I shall just pop in a quick credit here for the photo:

We have had to cancel our weekend away in the camper as the severe weather warnings persist. I said we could go to York instead for a bit of a wander, but of course that's the first place to be under water in this weather. Now I don't know what we'll do with our weekend. Sorry this is a boring post tonight, but I'm feeling uninspired!

Before I sign off I'd like to wish poor Ria a great big GET WELL SOON! Poor love has had a nasty asthma attack on top of already being ill. She says she's feeling much better now that they've pumped her full of steroids though and is now in training for the next London Marathon. :0D I got to know Ria after buying some of her lovely Smashbox cosmetics from eBay and we've been friends ever since. She's an absolute smasher and is always thinking of others when she should be taking care of herself. Here's her ebay shop if you have time for a peek:
Hopefully tomorrow we can think of somewhere cool and inspiring to go and I'll have something interesting to report. :0)

Treatment & Phase Three.

Thursday, 19 July 2007
Had Herceptin this morning. This is me and Bev. All the nurses are fab and the only thing that causes me pain are their jokes!!!

Just outside the hospital window is a small swathe of inner city woodland. It's teeming with wild life and when I stay overnight the owls keep waking me up with their hooting. There are loads of squirrels and best of all Jay's. I was thrilled to see the Jay's doing silly courting dances in the Spring. I remember doing a project on Jay's when I was at Primary School, but had never actually seen one until this year.

Nothing else to report really other than Bev getting a 'hole-in-one' with the needle this morning. It normally takes several attempts.

Phase Three (snuck that in a day early!)

I spent several hours this afternoon trying to sort my beads into colours. I didn't realise how many I had! Luverly jubbly. I really need to go and buy some more little storage boxes. They're very inexpensive from B&Q. I think the ones I already have are about £1.25 each. I might go tomorrow after my shopping is delivered.
I really need to get all my bear making plastic pellets bagged up and put them on eBay. They are of no use to me any more and I have about 20kg of them! That will free up a big plastic container that's on my landing for more important gorgeous stuff. :0)
That's all tonight folks as I'm very tired tonight.

The Big Clearout.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

No spider photos.

I have found a link to a friend of Incey Wincey. It says that it is a British house spider and only found in the South West. And it BITES! I have had a spiders bite me before when I pick them up and no one believed me! Dad says he has too. My Incey Wincey looked exactly like that with the herringbone type pattern on his back and the nimpsers on stalks at the front. My Incey wincey was obviously on holiday in Yorkshire. Here's the link as I didn't want to upset anyone putting such a horrid photo on here!

There shall be no more talk of nasty spiders anymore. Unless another one moves in!

I have had to delete a section of my original post here as it may have been seen as offensive to some (very silly) people. I am upset cos it was most interlectual and stimulating!

Phase One - The Big Clearout

'And so it came to pass that on the first day Sindie should take the boxes containing all things cherished and redistribute them about her house in an orderly fashion. She did this pronto and saw that it was good.' The Blog of Sindie, Day 6, Chapter 27-29

It has begun. I have cleared out my main fabric storage vessel (namely the hollow coffee table in the lounge) I will now take one of the boxes from the landing containing my smashing Karcher steam cleaning machine and store that in the new space. One box gone, one bag of rubbish to go out and some neatly folded fabric.

Phase Two

I have worked very hard today and worn myself out. I haven't been able to sort out the bookshelves is against the law to throw books out. Maybe I will put some on a eBay at some stage. The main thing is, I can now move. I can also sit at my desk to plan and sew. :0) I have turned this:

Into this:
And this:
Into this:
And finally, this: Into this. There, I have done it and now I can get on with the rest of my life!!! I will be at hospital having Herceptin tomorrow so I won't be able to initiate Phase Three until Friday. Phase Three involves unpacking and organising all my newly acquired art quilt stuff ready for use.
We are supposed to be going away in the camper this weekend, but the weather forecast is bad, bad, bad. The Met Office have issued severe weather warnings for Derbyshire, so maybe we'll stay at home instead! Oh well, maybe I can start my quilt this weekend after all. This morning I received a pack of beads from my cousin Lynne that she'd found in a charity shop and the fabric that I ordered for the background of the quilt arrived. It's a fantastic turquoise and is just what I wanted. Just as soon as I have organised myself I will be ready to make a start. How exciting!

Spider Pictures & Finger Knitting.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


At last, I caught him! He's been toying with me all day, but I finally got the little blighter. He is now safely in his new home over the village hall. Sorry the pictures aren't good, but in the first one I had him in a pint glass with no lid (EEK!) and in the second I was on the floor with my nose an inch from his snapping jaws!!!

When I tried to shake him out of the glass he was stuck in a bit of sticky web and was left hanging (with me screaming) for a few seconds before he ran away. When I turned away to walk back to the house I got it in my head that he was attached to my foot on his thread and was in fact getting dragged with me! If the neighbours could have seen me spinning round and then whacking myself all over! I still keep thinking that I can feel him tickling me somewhere. I bet you're tickling now aren't you? So anyway, hopefully I can draw a line under the whole sorry affair. Unless of course his wife and children come looking for him.

I had a rather smashing idea today (yes another one). I was thinking about how the little French knitting machine works, or more particularly, about the the cotton reel with four tacks nailed into it that my dad made for me when I was small. I was wondering how it would look on a larger scale and was trying to think of larger things to use instead of the little tacks. Can you imagine four people standing round a well and then using rope to knit? LOL That sounds like a really groovy art installation! Of course that isn't possible for me to do today because:
a) I don't have four friends.
b) I don't have a well.
c) I don't have any rope.
d) It's raining.
I suppose I could buy some rope and have a go next time I visit Bry as she has a well. If we use the husbands that's four of us.....
So, I wondered if I could do something with my fingers? I Googled 'finger knitting' and this is what I came up with:
Since watching this video this morning I have knitted approximately 1,795 feet of absolutely useless rope. It's such fun.

Then Livvie and her friend came in from school and I got them at it too!

We have absolutely no idea what to do with it all though. Any ideas?
I was going to start on 'The Big Clearout' today, but alas I had to spend the day sitting down. (don't ask and I won't tell) I just cannot begin my art quilt until I am organised and every day that I don't start 'The Big Clearout' is another day not quilting. :0( Maybe tomorrow?

Day Three: The Hunt Goes On....

Monday, 16 July 2007

No spider pictures today.That pesky little monster, oh how he mocks me! Today he is no where to be seen, which in my book is far worse than blatantly sitting there. Where is he? Why has he gone and will he ever return? When he was sat in the corner under the cupboard giving me tantalising glimpses of his little hairy legs I was happy. But now I fear he could leap on me at any time and go straight for jugular. I know this to be quite true because my Auntie Leeta assured me that she had it on great authority that it happened to a neighbour's uncle's friend at work once. I also know for a fact that banana spiders wake from their refrigerated slumber in the supermarket only when they arrive home in your nice warm kitchen and then they too leap and kill you. Stone dead! It's true, it really is.

I should get my mum round here, she's excellent with spiders. She once phoned me and the conversation went something like this:

'Mum, is that you?'
'Mum, where's dad?'

Of course now I was thinking that he was at least laying on the floor in a pool of blood with a spider bite on his neck.


At this point I thought it prudent to just put the phone down and go round there. When I got there I found the front door swinging wide open. On entering I heard a weak whimpering coming from upstairs. I tentatively trod the stairs very quietly, one at a time, not knowing what horrors awaited me. As I turned the corner I found mum, shaking and standing in a pool of her own urine waving an umbrella around madly. Actually, the urine and the umbrella are made up, but I just want you understand the look of absolute terror on her face! She was standing against the wall, with tears dripping off her chin (which was trembling) and muttering almost incoherently whilst pointing at a pillow on the floor in the corner. It was then I understood the gravity of the situation, there was a huge spidery monster under that pillow!

Now at best, mum will scream and run up the street if there is a spider in the house. The fact that she was stood in the same room as the spider on this occasion meant only one thing, that it was so huge, so beastly, that she was afraid to leave in case it escaped and settled in some unknown place in her bedroom. So, she had the brilliant idea of trapping it under the pillow. My job it seemed was to catch the spider. At any other time I would have done this very calmly and without incident. However, I had a screaming banshee behind me, tears and snot streaking her foundation, begging me not to lose it.

'Mum, I need you to go and get me something to catch it in'
'Mum, go NOW'

This was mainly said to get her out of the room so that I could catch the spider with my hands and have it out of the house before she got back with a glass. Once she was halfway down the stairs I gently lifted the pillow to reveal the biggest, the hairiest, most evil looking spider ever known to man!

' away, run away!'

This sent mum running back up the stairs moments later with all the equipment needed to tackle the monster. Wait for it.....a very large cardboard box, a torch and a dustpan and brush.

Me (quite hysterical by now) 'What the hell am I supposed to do with those?''Catch it quickly, where is it?''It went back under the pillow...I am going to pick the pillow up now make sure it's still there...'

As I picked the pillow up, out shot Little Beelzebub and sent us screaming down the stairs five at a time. A this point dad walked in the front door with the dog. He was greeted by two hysterical women, both doing a world class freaky dance, the elder of the two looking like Alice Cooper on a bad day. Once he realised what was happening he went upstairs to fetch the spider. Me and mum peered round the bedroom door safe in the knowledge that our hero would save us. Dad carefully lifted the pillow, no spider. Mum whimpered. Dad, now kneeling, carefully put the pillow behind him. At this point the spider, which had been on the other side of the pillow, started to very slowly walk up his back. The screams coming from the doorway made dad shoot up, turn round and grab the spider with both hands all in one swift movement! Mum nearly fainted.

This a true story. I may have embellished it slightly for entertainment's sake, but on the whole I think it's nearly right don't you mum? :0)

So I think I might get mum round here to rid us of Incey-Wincey, except this time I shall have a video camera at the ready. I could do with £250!!!

I went to visit my Auntie Leeta today and show her all my latest 'stuff'. She's an excellent audience. :0) She took me up to her craft room and let me loose to take what I needed for my art quilt. I had a whale of a time! I took beads and stick-on gems and some rather smashing silver wire type thread that was from Gran's sewing box. I came away with all sorts of lovely things. She also gave me a big reel of bright pink embroidery floss. Emily has a new dress and the floss matches it exactly so I decided to make her a necklace on my whizzy French knitter machine. It looks pretty doesn't it?

Last night I stayed up til 4am trying to get a pretty background on this blog. I managed to mess with the HTML and get half of what I wanted, but I just couldn't get it right and in the end I had to give up. I will keep trying to make it look pretty for you though. :0)
That's all for now, unless I think of something else to tell you. Ta-ra!

Just remembered:

Sunday, 15 July 2007

To be added to my 'Been there, done that' list:
Nail technician
Trained beauty therapist
Painter and decorator
Cat midwife

All of the above have been achieved at various levels of expertise!

Ikea, spiders and all that glitters.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

For Auntie Leeta's benefit, there are NO spider pictures in today's blog!

We have spent today in Ikea, a necessary evil. Our poor house has had every spare inch thoughtfully used for storage and we have to constantly invent new ways to store 'stuff'. So today's outing was to find suitable storage for books which used to be homed downstairs before we had major alterations done. I cannot bear not having books around me. In our last house we even had a library! Our book collection has been drastically thinned out since we moved to Yorkshire, but I simply cannot part with my reference books. We could not find the right size bookcase in Ikea, but we bought one too big and clever Gary re-made it to just the right size for our bedroom. This is phase one of 'The Big Clearout' which is taking place starting tomorrow. It involves a lot of re-shuffling, selling on eBay and Freecycling. In order to get the bookcase in the bedroom we have had to move two large boxes of bear making supplies onto the landing. I will now have to decide what I'm keeping and what I am going to put on eBay. I have so much stuff to put on eBay that I can't stand it!

I was telling you yesterday about the items I inherited from my Gran's sewing box. I have loads of cool vintage ribbons and braids, but what I love most are all the razzle dazzle glitzy fabrics. My Gran was a very glamorous woman and loved to sew her own party frocks. Long ago I started to take some of her old dresses to pieces to salvage the fabric and last week I finished the job of cutting off all the seams and unusable pieces and ironing it all. I now have a lovely pile of scrummy, groovy sparkly fabric to use in future projects.

One of Gran's beautiful home made dresses. :0)

I have been busy gathering supplies for Livvie's art quilt. I trawled the charity shops of Barnsley for suitable backing fabric, but would you believe I couldn't find a thing? I had to buy a piece from eBay in the end. If only Auntie Tina was nearer I'd raid her wardrobe as she's a turquoise freak and that's just the colour I needed! So far I have buttons, beads, ribbons and braids. I already have the flesh coloured felt for the skin tone. I will use a set of dyes that I have to colour the border. I thought I'd spray on different colours for a muted effect. Oh and because I have just had an operation (most private and personal) Gary said I could have a poorly person present. So I ordered some 4mm silk ribbon from America....and then some embroidery books....and some silk thread....and then some 7mm silk ribbon for dying. Maybe I can sell some of that when it's dyed on eBay?

The silk embroidery threads in the foreground, the silk ribbons in the background and the beads from Penny to the right.
Some spangly stuff I found at Barnsley Market. More Barnsley finds.

For those that have never seen it, this is ribbon embroidery. Pretty isn't it? :0)

Now, about Insey Winsey. He lurks beneath the big cupboard still....teasing me....slipping a little hairy leg out from within the shadows...taunting me....then he DASHES across the floor sending me screaming into the other room! That of course sends him scuttling back into the bowels of hell from whence he came. We have tried three times to catch him now, but each time the little bugger gets away. I keep sneaking in to take a photo for you (Don't worry Leeta, you will have a written warning at the head of the blog) but he's a little camera shy and prefers to run out when I'm least expecting it. Maybe we can become friends? Or maybe I'll suck the little s**t up with the vacuum nozzle? Not really, I'd never hurt him. That's why we can't catch him, because we are afraid of nipping his leg under the glass. ;0) And before you ask, I know it's a male spider because he's wearing size 10 hobnail boots!
So, that just about wraps it up for today. I'll let you know how the start of 'The Big Clearout' goes tomorrow....

Copied And Pasted From My Old Blog

Please ignore details above. Below is the original time and date posted!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Good evening,
Well, I said I'd post my latest smashing idea and I suppose I'd better do it now before I forget and go and colour co-ordinate my sock drawer or something. I do that you know. The Postman might ring the front door bell. Good I think, I've been waiting for that parcel. On the way to answer the door I spy a stray dirty sock on the floor. I take the dirty sock to the laundry bin in the bathroom but then decide the bathroom needs cleaning. I then go to the cleaning cupboard and notice that the shelf needs a wipe over so I empty the entire contents onto the kitchen floor. Only then do I realise that I am out of bathroom cleaning spray. I'd better put that on the shopping list before I forget, so I walk across the kitchen to find a pen. Halfway across the kitchen, Arthur the cat nearly trips me up whining for food. I turn to go in the opposite direction towards the cat food cupboard. I feed the cat. And then......I really must phone the Post Office today. They still haven't delivered that parcel you know!
But I digress. I was surfing t'interweb the other day when I came across Susan Sorrell's art quilts. 'Cor blimey guv'nor,' says I, 'what talent that lady has!'

I SO have to make me one of those. My cousin Lynne did a portrait of Livvie (aged 12) a few weeks back and I thought it would be really cool to make that into an art quilt.

I love the idea of embroidering words all the way round the edge that refer to Livvie's personality. I have a huge list of words for possible inclusion on Livvie's quilt donated by family. :0)
Also donated by a lovely lady named Penny from Sheffield Freecycle is a bag of beads that I plan to use on this project. Thanks Penny!
Below is my coloured sketch that I copied from Lynne's original portrait and then follows my first thoughts on the border.

I'm sure all the colours will change as it progresses though.

I have many techniques planned for this quilt. Firstly I am going to embroider the blue background (actually looks green in the photo) to add depth. Maybe add the odd discrete sequin. Then I am going to make a pattern and applique Livvie on. I shall use black stitching lines as if they were a pencil and 'draw' the details and shading. I might add a 3D flower to her hat and an appliqued logo to her t-shirt. For the border i think I shall hand dye some felt and add some felt 3D flowers with button centres. I shall embroider the words round the edge once I have decided which ones to use. Oh and last but not least, I have some gorgeous rik-rak from Granny's sewing box that I will sew around the inner edge of the border. Gran would like that. I have quite a bit of fabric and haberdashery from Gran that I am planning to use. I shall try and post some photos of that tomorrow. :0) I am really going to enjoy making this!
Just quickly before I go, Livvie and I have been playing with a cool knitting machine that I saw on The Martha Stewart Show: It's called an Embellish-Knit by Bond America:

It makes about 18 feet of knitted cord in ten minutes! So far we have made cats toys and necklaces. Pickles the dog, Chicken the cat and Livvie the 12 year old are all wearing them now! I even ran some black waxed sewing thread through it and it came out all spider webby. I added some black beads and gave it to Emily (aged 15) and she loves it. :0) I'm sure I can come up with some smashing ideas for the knitted cord.
Two very quick things before I go to bye-byes:
There is a massive spider in my utility room that keeps playing hide and seek with me! Me and big brave Gary tried to get it today, but I just ended up screaming and doing The Spacky Dance. The trouble is he lives within inches of a my drying rack. I am going to be SO careful that none of the clothes drape on the floor. Can you imagine the fright if someone found Insey Winsey in a shirt sleeve? Ha ha ha!
Lastly but not leastly. My Auntie Babs told me off for forgetting about eight years of my life.
In yesterdays post I told you all about my crafting over the years. However, I neglected to tell you about The Plant Pot Puppet Theatre and HisWay Puppet Theatre. For many years I was a puppeteer, even winning 2 x European Puppet Ministry Awards as part of the team. In more recent years I have been making puppets. We made the coolest puppets in the known universe, but alas, that all went out the window with my good health. :0(
So, on that cheery note I bid you all a good night. Night night, sleep tight and don't let the utility room spider bite! X XX X

Trying to be good!

My blog was taken off the air a few days ago, so I have copied and pasted it here. Please refer to the dates within the post.

Friday, 13 July 2007

For the past 2 1/2 years I have whinged daily in emails to my mum, aunties, friends and even complete strangers. They have all been very patient with me and for this I thank them. I have now decided to give them a choice whether to read my ramblings or to get out more...
Well, I have no idea what I'm doing here, but I guess I'm going to find out soon enough! I was thinking that I could get my thoughts down, show off my latest projects and discuss my latest ideas. I have many ideas. They pass through my fried brain at a rate of knots. Some pass out the other side and some stick fast. Trouble is I am what my mother calls 'a five minute wonder'. Some of my most earth-shattering, life-changing, wonderful ideas stay for about a fortnight only to be replaced by another earth-shattering, life-changing, wonderful idea! Maybe this blog is 'a five minute wonder', who knows?
I am fabricsmith, a painter, a creator of all things fluffy-wuffy, a cook, a mother, a wife and most importantly, 'a five minute wonder'.
The hobby that stuck the longest was bear making. That started in 1998 and only stopped in 2005 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Between 1998-2005 I made literally hundreds and hundreds of bears ( and picked up a few awards along the way.
I was featured in magazines and newspapers and designed patterns for Bears 2B With, Beary Cheap of Australia, The Vintage Velvet Company and Deans Ragbook Co. in the UK. Now, all this might seem like bragging but that is not the purpose of this dialogue. It is just to show that I can actually stick at something for more than five minutes mum!
So, what other smashing ideas have I had? It all started in 1990 when I decided to add an 8' beaded train to my wedding dress. This, despite me only ever previously using a sewing machine at school to make a much famed yellow wrap around skirt which I wore until it literally fell to pieces! The train was very successful and I hand-beaded it. I then added hand-beading to the bodice and leg of mutton me, it was most cool in 1990! I then decided to make the biggest, frou-frou, fluffy blancmange veil known to the history of man. That was, of course, most cool too. I also made my bouquet, garter, knickers and bridesmaid posies. I wish I had a photo to show you but they're all in an old fashioned album and to be honest I can't be arsed to scan one! And anyway, you'd only laugh.
After that, I made my mum a beautiful full length red velvet hooded cape, numerous country & western outfits, curtains, quilts, and bags. Then I tried my hand at X-stitch, embroidery, sketching, flower-arranging and stencilling. I'm going to stop now as I'm even boring myself! But suffice to say, I reckon over the years I have tried just about every craft known to man. Oh, I mustn't forget glass painting, that lasted a little longer than a fortnight! I am now in 2007. After 2 1/2 years of treatment for cancer; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Herceptin (ongoing) I am spilling 'The contents of a frazzled brain.' It certainly is frazzled and now I have issues with memory and concentration. Also known as 'bunny brain', hopping about all over the place. My hobbies in the past couple of years have been card making (died a death) and currently painting (waning).

Emily, daughter, aged 15. Like the 'oh so moody' pose?

Gerard Way (apparently) of My Chemical Romance.

Painted for Mummy and Daddy. :0)
But now I have a new mega-doodle idea! I am going to be a world famous art embroiderer. I will sew art quilty things. I will be interviewed by Michael Parkinson and Jay Leno. People will ask for my autograph. Children will cry out my name in the street. In short, Victoria and David Beckham will walk in my shadow. But I'll have to start that tomorrow. That's if I can actually remember what the good idea was, or more likely, if I don't have another fantastic idea!!!