Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Firstly, here's a short video of me on my new scooter as promised:

Whilst out with dad and Pickles today I had the most spectacular crash on my scooter! Dad was egging me on to 'off road' down a steep, grassy path and I said no. Somehow though, I accelerated at full speed down the slope, tipped sideways and ended upside down with the scooter on top of me. I winded myself and had to lie there in thick thistles, upside down while dad pulled the scooter off me. I had to lay there a while to recover. I think all I did was bruised my knee and pull some muscles in my chest. I broke the brake lever off the scooter. I wonder how much that will cost to replace? Oh well, it could have been so much worst, think of Ozzy Osborne!

Oh and a little bit of good news; today they took the marks and tape off my upper back because they said they had done with that bit. That surely means that my throat and mouth can now start to recover? The doctor said it will still be a couple of weeks from now, but I wasn't expecting the radio' to stop on that bit till Friday so I'm quite pleased about that!

Fat Steroid Face and New Scooter.

Look at my face! To my eyes I am now unrecognisable to the Sindie I saw in the mirror only a month ago. Bloody steroids have puffed me up like Joan Simms! Look, here's a most recent photo from a few months ago where I was actually 10lbs heavier than I am now:

And here is my steroid induced fat face today:

Look at those cheeks and fat neck! AND I am 10lbs lighter in this photo may I remind you !(diet's going well.) Oh well, I should be coming off the steroids in a few weeks time and lets hope it all comes off quickly.
I am doing quite well walking around in the house at the minute. The numbness has all but gone and I can get around holding onto things and for longer distances with the walking frame. Radiotherapy is torturous for my throat and mouth. I have ulcers I could fit my fist in and my throat is keeping me awake at night. Oh well, Friday is my last day at radio' so after the weekend I should start to see great improvements in my mouth and throat.
Next Tuesday is Emily's prom so today she's coming round to mum's for a final dress fitting. She bought a spangly new red bra to go with her dress, so today I have to make some straps for her dress and maybe a little wrist bag for her phone and camera etc. I also have to sequin up her little top hat. :0)

I received my new super-duper three wheeled mobility trike a few days ago. It does what it says on the packet and it roars up those hills and ditches and across grassy hills and up and down kerbs. Absolutely brilliant it is! I shall pop a video on as soon as I can for your delectation and delight.
4th July is our outing to London care of The Willow Foundation. Not long to wait now! For those of you that don't know, me, Gary, Emily, Livvie, Dawn and Glen are all going to London, care of the foundation and staying in a swish hotel, seeing the stage show Hairspray, seeing all the sights and all travel, food and expenses are paid for! I phoned today to advise that I was now in a wheelchair and they said it shouldn't make any difference and that they'd try and swap the Hairspray tickets to suit. I am getting quite excited now!

That's all for now. I shall put a video on of my new scooter ASAP. :0)