Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Bedroom

A couple of weekends ago I laid on the bed and watched hubbiest dismantle the horrendous dated swinging (yes swinging) wardrobes and also the built-in boiler cupboard. All the contents of the wardrobes are now in cardboard boxes in the lounge. After this was done it became apparent that the ceiling would need re-doing and the wall in the corner would need re-plastering. We got Eric in to do it as he's done work for both me and Babs and he does a very good job. He matched up the existing Artex on the ceiling which is obviously hundreds of £'s cheaper than re-plastering. He's done a great job and I don't think it will notice once it's all been painted. He also re-plastered the whole wall when he only quoted for doing the corner. :0) So here's where we're at:

Notice the rubble in the corner which I have yet to clear up!

This afternoon we went and spent over £1000 on new bedroom furniture. Ooooh, what a treat! It's all on a loan though, so we'll be paying it for the next five years. Ho hum. It's jolly nice though. Because our antique headboard is walnut we chose a walnut bedroom suite. Not that it will match at all though! Still, we made the effort. :0) Here's what we've bought:

It's being delivered on 20th June so I have a month to get the bedroom decorated. That's more than enough time. We nipped into B&Q for some wallpaper samples while we were out. Here's what we came home with. My fave is currently No.2. I think it goes best with the bedspread. I don't think No.3 goes at all as it is too orangey. This loud paper is only for the bed wall, all the other walls will be in a much calmer colour!

Nothing else to report. Ta ta!