Monday, 24 December 2007

Carols By Candlelight And New Baby - 2 Days To Go!

I cannot believe I was silly enough to forget to take my camera out today (Sunday) so this will be short blog. :0(

This evening we attended the carols by candlelight service at church. I love a good sing-song, TRA LA LA! Everyone carried a candle and there was no artificial light at all, it was very pretty. That got me into the Christmas spirit a bit. :0)

Afterwards we had to rush to mum's as Chris, Sarah and the boys had arrived earlier in the day and we wanted to see them before the boys went to bed. We just made it as Aaron had just gone to bed and Jo was on his way to sleepy land with his bottle. We nipped up to see 6 year old Aaron and wind him up a bit about Christmas Eve. He was a little disappointed as he had made some reindeer food at school but forgotten to bring it. I told him not to worry as we could make some Christmas Eve. Reindeer food, for those who don't know, is a mixture of oats and nuts with the addition of sparkly glitter. Apparently, the glitter glints in the moonlight and tempts the reindeer off the roof for a little snack.

Jo (aged 2) wasn't talking much as he had his bottle and was so tired from his exciting day.

Jake (9 days) was a little more receptive and gave us a full rendition of all his squeals, snorts, cross eyes and dribbles to coo over! This was the first time we'd seen him and he's such a little munchkin with the baggiest of little sticky legs and a nosey the size of my finger nail. I shall of course put some piccies on later. :0)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Pizza Night and Art Gallery - 3 days To Go!

We spent today (Saturday) in Sheffield doing some last minute Christmas shopping. As a special treat for Livvie we let her spend some time in The Peace Gardens where all the 'Dirty Goffics' hang out. The thing is, all the 'Dirty Gofficks' are her friends! It's so funny to see all these lanky teenagers dressed in black and even the boys have black eyeliner and long black hair. They think they look so cool but I always have a private laugh at what idiots they all look! Livvie on the other hand, has the brightest blonde hair and bright clothes and really stands out from the crowd. As mean as they all look, they all came bounding over for a group hug when Livvie arrived. They're not so hard after all!

After that we took Livvie to the Graves Art Gallery for some sketching time. We sat opposite each other and decided to do portraits.

This the sketch I did of Liv, mmmmmm. More like Livvie in ten years time! It looks nothing like her.Well......the hair is good!And this is Liv's sketch of me:
I can see it's me, can you? :0)
Tonight we had a pizza night (not my favourite thing) and Vicki joined us as well. I had to put Vicki on the blog or she'd moan. All please say hello to Vicki! Vicki will be joining us for our New Years Eve party which is by now legendary. I'm sure she'll have great fun and not tell her mum too much!!! I just hope she doesn't win the Danglesplurge Championship or she'll steal the trophy. We have decided that if she does win, she can take the trophy home for a few weeks and then it'll have to be in Emily's room after that for viewing. :0)