Saturday, 2 February 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

It was my 38th birthday yesterday and I got some lovely cards and presents. Gary took the day off to spend time with me and at 7.20am Livvie woke us both with a cup of tea and all my cards. Then she came in with a home made chocolate and banana cake with lighted candles. After this I was treated to a very loud rendition of Happy Birthday To You accompanied by the drums from her bedroom next door!

Here's Livvie's home made card. Isn't it lovely?

This one is from Tina. All the little concertina presents open to reveal peel offs inside them.

And here's Leeta's. Isn't it a gorgeous colour scheme? :0)

As I said, Livvie made me a cake. Mum got me something and I'm not telling you what as it's for making presents and I don't know who I'm going to make for so it's a secret! Babs and Mo gave me some squidlies which I'm saving with my other birthday money for a trip to the NEC in March. Mo also bought me a gorgeous lighted twig sculpture thingy. You stand it in a vase and it lights up with tiny LED lights. :0)
Emily bought me an exquisite gift box with a collection of red fabrics in it. I have a project in mind for that already.
Gary bought me 20 local craft lessons. I shall be:
*Making bags & boxes from card
*Using Fimo modelling clays as card toppers and embellishments
*Using paper folding for decoration
*Creating a variety of cards using different techniques
*Working wit mulberry papers
*Scrapbooking techniques
*Decorative painting used as embellishments for paper and cards
For me the classes are as much about getting out and meeting people as learning new techniques. I am very much looking forward to the classes which start in April. :0)
I broke my strict diet for a Pizza Hut lunch and shall try and claw back some points during the rest of the week.
We didn't do much as I have had a very bad back these past few weeks and couldn't stand a day out, but I'm sure we'll make up for it another time!