Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Finished At Last!

I finally finished my quilt. We went away in the camper for the weekend and I spent my time hand beading and adding the little flowers and butterflies round the edges. Yesterday I machine embroidered a spider:
A ladybird (in honour of my friends in Texas):

A little bumble bee. If you look closely you can just about see his 3D gossamer wings:

Here you can just about see the beading:

And finally, the finished quilt. PHEW!:

A few days ago I was determined to figure out how to print from the computer onto cotton fabric. It was quite simple really. I sprayed a sheet of paper with temporary glue (like Spray Mount) and stuck the cotton to it before cutting the cotton to the exact size. It went through the printer like a dream (see below). I will see if I can find a spray that will make it UV stable so it doesn't fade. The quilting possibilities are limitless now! I might do a life size portrait of mummy!!!

Look at my little travel iron. It has to be 20 years old and never used. I dug it out to go with my the little ironing pad I made and it's perfect for my teeny tiny sewing room. :0)
Yesterday I started a triptych painting for mummy and daddy. It's all Artex and masking and stenciling and mess. I might blog about that later. Right, I'm off to add another layer...


Beetle said...

It looks really lovely! What wall is it going on?

Whatever is a triptych painting?

Giddy Goat said...

I love the quilt. Gorgeous colours. What a great idea to show some of the details too - the spider is fantastic! What does Livvie think of it?

granny grimble said...

I think you may have re-awakened Lynne's quilting hobby. She hasn't done any for ages. I suppose moving house and builders doesn't help! What is so lovely is all the little details that you've put in yourself. I love the sweet little Bee, and must confess even the spider is cute! (I think). I do so want to see it in the flesh. Please bring it round for a cup of coffee! Sindie rules OK! AGAIN!

weechuff said...

What a fantastic idea to print on the cotton! It has turned out smashing. You could even make a little business out of selling it on Ebay!!

weechuff said...

Your embroidered insects are so cute! They must have been very fiddly to do, but really finish it off. I have seen the finished quilt, (but before the insects were added) and it is very impressive I can tell you!!

Bry said...

Cor ruddy gorgeous that matey! Love the finishing touches!

Bry said...

Oh yes I too have seen the quilt it is smashing!

Yes what is a triptych painting?

Beetle said...

Oh for goodness sakes, Triptych is just a three canvas painting ha ha!

weechuff said...

All right show off!! You were the first one to adsk, so can we assume you have now found out? And how on earth did it get a name like that. The only thing alluding to that I can see is the 'tri' bit:0)

Beetle said...

I looked it up :O)

kay said...

You are so clever Sindie. I look forward to seeing it when I visit.

GoldAnne said...

Trying again to post sorry if you already got em lol!!!!
just wanted to say I just adore that quilt so fab!!!!!!!!!! and my u
are soooooooooo talented!!!
love Anne

Sindie said...

My word, 12 comments! :0)

The quilt will go on my lounge wall when I can be bothered to go to the shed to saw some wood for the hanging pole.

Livvie isn't really that impressed. She says it's too girlie and not really her. That's why I added the bugs in the hopes that it might impress her! I have just showed her the new bugs and she's a bit impressed now. :0)

I am already planning my next project. I am rather fancying a trio (not a triptych) of little quilts that show cartoon versions of my pussy cats. I think that will look particularly cool.

GoldAnne said...

Still not sure what a tri thing is//but will keep looking!!!!
pussie cat one sounds great!!!!anne xxxxx