Sunday, 30 September 2007

New Shelves and Fabric Dyes.

At last! Gary finally put my shelves up today. It's not his fault as he is working such long hours and hasn't had the time to put them up so far. However, this morning we awoke at 9.30am as Gary has the day off. I couldn't believe it when I saw the time, I never sleep past 8am. I bet I won't sleep tonight now. :0( Anyway, the shelving has been sitting here for over a week now, so I was glad to be able to organise at last. It didn't take Gary long and at last my desk is clear of clutter as it's all on the shelves now. Look at all my pretty colourful boxes and crates.

The little colourful plastic boxes near the top are empty and are waiting to be filled with gorgeousness. The shelf below that holds my dyeing powders and made-up dyes. The crates on the bottom shelf are filled with all my smashing variegated and metallic threads. The box to the left on the bottom shelf holds my silk threads which I think should be kept away from light. And all those those gorgeous little glass jars I got from Freecycle. They're baby food jars, perfect for all my beads and buttons and 'stuff'. I am collecting some more in the week that I'll need for storing some more made-up dyes.

I received some new dyes from Beary Cheap in Australia (wages for pattern sales) and I bought these from eBay:

One of these pots ranges from £5.21- £9.40 (depending on colour) on the website and I got them all from eBay for about £10 including P&P! I have purchased a yellow dye from the website to complete the set, but it's still such a bargain as each pot is 100g (a lot)! I have also purchased some pipettes and small spray bottles to aid with the dyeing process. So expect great things on the hand-dyed fabric front in the coming weeks.

I hand painted a couple pf pieces of fabric yesterday. I don't think I shall ever use them, but it was good to practice and experiment. :0)

I prefer a more subtle, subdued look to fabric. I might try some tie dyeing in the week, that's always fun!


granny grimble said...

OOOh! you're exciting the collector genes in me again. I bet you walk up and down picking things up and moving them just an inch or two, to make them look even more attractive! Your room is looking so colourful and bright and, well... organised.I shall expect something small but highly collectable and desireable for that certain date in November!

granny grimble said...
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Beetle said...

I'm losing track of what your hobby is now ha ha ha! Embroidery, quilt making or fabric dying. It's all very lovely and colourful though :O)

Bry said...

Gosh, you are getting quite a sparkly smashing stash together their arent you matey?!

weechuff said...

It looks smashing! And those pieces of material that you paint dyed look very professional. I suppose you will be able to customise T-shirts for the girls now?

Sindie said...

Now look 'ere Babette, to make smashing quilts, one needs to be able to embroider and dye ones own fabrics in order to make original (not to mention highly collectable Leeta) pieces of art.

Luckily for me, fabric art...shall we call it that?...involves all sorts of collecting, organising, sorting and doing so I'm in hog's heaven!

GoldAnne said...

wow thats amazing!!!!
Sindie you are so organised!!!
love anne xxx

Stevie said...

I want to learn how to do this!! :)