Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Puppet Catcher!

Last night was the premier of Emily's puppet film. She worked on it over the half term with the Puppetechnics team: http://www.puppetechnics.com/

There was a red carpet and the press were there and Emily's going to be in the paper. :0) When they gave the presentation speech Emily was mentioned because she had the biggest puppet parts and did most of the puppet work. Emily plays Robbie Green:

and Miss Hooper:

All the scenery is made and painted by the same people that do Coronation Street. It's all very cool. Here's the link to the film. You can watch the whole thing here (in two parts):

I hope you enjoy it, we certainly did. We were roaring with laughter! Were's so proud of Emily. :0)


Spider said...

Just had to comment to say how proud we both are this end. I have not looked at the film but just had to comment! I am off to view it now. Will comment again after :O)

granny grimble said...

Well done Emily! That was a fantabulous film, and so well made. You are a star! Let me know which paper and when, so that I can read all about it. Apart from Emily's obvious talent, what a super way to put the message over to the school kids. I hope to see it on Look North very soon.
PS Can I have your autograph Em?

Beetle said...

Really good! We watched it on our TV. It was good seeing the little bits we saw being made ;O)
Will you get a DVD of it?

Well done Emily!

Spider said...

Well done Em!

I really enjoyed the film Emily as did Dave, I will send the link to all my grand children. I shall tell them all about you what puppet you are working :O)

If you do ever get a DVD Pleeeeese let me know, I would love to have one, I would be willing to pay.

Love Auntie T xxx

GoldAnne said...

i would love to buy dvd too#
love anne