Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Guest Gallery Macro Shots 5.

And the award for the yukkiest macro shot goes to.....Babs!:

What we need now is a macro of a spider. Anyone brave enough?


weechuff said...

Ughh! Look at those hairs in close up! Close up of a spider? I haven't seen one at all this year. Must be my super duper spider putter offer!!Anyway, can you imagine any one of us getting close enough to a spider to photograph it? (Other than Lynne, of course!)

Croom said...
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Croom said...

Yuk, I take it that it was dead?

Yuk again.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, it was dead!

I could take a photo of a dead spider, just not living :O)

Sindie said...

If I could find a big hairy spider I'd happily get down on the floor to snap it. I'd need a back-up with a big wooden club though, just in case!