Saturday, 4 October 2008

Guest Gallery Macro Shots.

Here are the first of my 'Guest Gallery' macro shots.

These first two are from Emily. She took them at college where she is delighted to be taking photography as one of her subjects:

These two are from Babs who has always been a bit of a whizz at photography. This first one is Sukie. Look at those beautiful eyes:

And this is Mitzi. I love this photo. Take a look at those marvelous fangs and if you click on the photo you can even see the spines on her tongue. Wonderful!:

Anyone else want to send some macro shots?


weechuff said...

I wish I could take some. I will have a go, as my camera is the same as yours. I will have to think of a subject. Emily is doing well isn't she?

Babs (Beetle) said...

Emily's are cool. She'll do even better as she goes along :O)
My Mitzi one has lost a lot in the resizing.

Lynne Chapman said...

Great stuff! Emily's sneaker shot is cool and I love the sci-fi texture of the mouse mat.

The framing of Sukie is lovely and she is so elegant and beautiful. And you're right about the tongue on bab's one of Mitzi - like the spines on some sea monster!

Croom said...

Can't do macro with my cheapy camera :O) All blurred and not at all close at that!.