Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Bedroom

A couple of weekends ago I laid on the bed and watched hubbiest dismantle the horrendous dated swinging (yes swinging) wardrobes and also the built-in boiler cupboard. All the contents of the wardrobes are now in cardboard boxes in the lounge. After this was done it became apparent that the ceiling would need re-doing and the wall in the corner would need re-plastering. We got Eric in to do it as he's done work for both me and Babs and he does a very good job. He matched up the existing Artex on the ceiling which is obviously hundreds of £'s cheaper than re-plastering. He's done a great job and I don't think it will notice once it's all been painted. He also re-plastered the whole wall when he only quoted for doing the corner. :0) So here's where we're at:

Notice the rubble in the corner which I have yet to clear up!

This afternoon we went and spent over £1000 on new bedroom furniture. Ooooh, what a treat! It's all on a loan though, so we'll be paying it for the next five years. Ho hum. It's jolly nice though. Because our antique headboard is walnut we chose a walnut bedroom suite. Not that it will match at all though! Still, we made the effort. :0) Here's what we've bought:

It's being delivered on 20th June so I have a month to get the bedroom decorated. That's more than enough time. We nipped into B&Q for some wallpaper samples while we were out. Here's what we came home with. My fave is currently No.2. I think it goes best with the bedspread. I don't think No.3 goes at all as it is too orangey. This loud paper is only for the bed wall, all the other walls will be in a much calmer colour!

Nothing else to report. Ta ta!


granny grimble said...

My word, you are one lucky lady to have a husbnd who loves you so much. Is there anything he wouldn't do for you? It started with letting you have not one, but three kitties and went on from there. It's all is going to look so posh when you have finished. I like No 2 paper best as well. It goes well with the bed cover.

weechuff said...

No2 paper is definitely the best choice I think. It really blends in well. How many wardrobes are you getting for your money?

Babs (Beetle) said...

Wow! You are lucky. Have you got anywhere left that hasn't been done now? Gary can always move on to ours if he gets withdrawals Ha ha!

I think No 2 also :O)

Sindie said...

Yes, it's taken us seven years but the end is finally in sight! The wardrobes will look so much better in situ than in those photos. We're having three doubles but the end one near the boiler has only a half door so that you can butt a chest of drawers into the corner like your computer room mum. I am so looking forward to starting the decorating next week. :0)

emilyyy said...

I LIKE PAPER NUMBER 3! I say buy an orange lamp. It's the nicest one by far- that other one you like looks handpainted and naffy. =D

Mother forgot to mention that the flowers also have red in them. Number 3 is much nicer. It's more retro. Number two looks like it's from the Victorian age. =)

Emily xxx

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