Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Firstly, here's a short video of me on my new scooter as promised:

Whilst out with dad and Pickles today I had the most spectacular crash on my scooter! Dad was egging me on to 'off road' down a steep, grassy path and I said no. Somehow though, I accelerated at full speed down the slope, tipped sideways and ended upside down with the scooter on top of me. I winded myself and had to lie there in thick thistles, upside down while dad pulled the scooter off me. I had to lay there a while to recover. I think all I did was bruised my knee and pull some muscles in my chest. I broke the brake lever off the scooter. I wonder how much that will cost to replace? Oh well, it could have been so much worst, think of Ozzy Osborne!

Oh and a little bit of good news; today they took the marks and tape off my upper back because they said they had done with that bit. That surely means that my throat and mouth can now start to recover? The doctor said it will still be a couple of weeks from now, but I wasn't expecting the radio' to stop on that bit till Friday so I'm quite pleased about that!


Babs (Beetle) said...

Forgive us but we laughed all the way through this post ha ha! Not funny, we know but it read like a chapter of "Some Mothers do 'ave 'em" I hope poor pickles wasn't tied to it hahahaha!

On a more serious note, we hope you haven't hurt yourself too badly...... Oooooh hahahahahahaha.......sorry.

granny grimble said...

Fancy your father egging you on to do dangerous things. I hope he's suitably ashamed of himself! What a good thing you didn't go any serious injuries though. I should think you could do without a broken limb at this point eh! It was funny though :0) xxxx

Croom said...

Oh Sindie, I bet your dad was so scared, It sounds like something out of a comedy sketch.

Glad you did not hurt yourself too much. How long have you had it? not bad going I guess.

Bry said...

oooooooo hahahahahahah, sorry dont mean to larf but I remember you on my two wheeled scooter and have visions of similar!!! Bless you, hope it wasnt too embarrassing or painful....shame on your Daddy for encouraging you!!! LOLOL

Love and sticky pudding cuddles
Bry :0)xxxxxxxxxxx

Sindie said...

I am just glad there was no one there to witness it. I would have been SOOO embaressed!!!Can you imagine seeing a poor disabled woman flying through the air into a bramble patch? Thank goodness it was only me and dad!!!

Chris Cowell said...

Sorry Sindie, I laughed too, you and Len cannot be trusted! Do you have to get it fixed before you can use it again?
xxxx Sarah not Chris

Sarah said...

Brum brum.....Yes Babs is spot on with 'Some Mothers do Ave Em'. Thats one funky dunky scooter. How fast can it go? Or shouldn't I be asking? Might give you ideas ;)

Hugs, Sarah x

GoldAnne said...

Oh Sindie ,
What an amazing thing to do with a scooter off roading !!! well thats a first!!!

So sorry about your crash ,wow it must have hurt!!! heavy on top of you too,do hope you start to feel better allround soon
love and hugs Anne xxx

All Bear said...

Way heyyyyyyyyy lady!!!!! chuckling is out of the question I guess???? I know, shame on me!!!!

weechuff said...

I had no idea that the crash was so serious. Dad didn't tell me. He must have felt very guilty and bad about egging you on! He knows I would have been really worried. But it is a nice little video, and makes me smile :0)