Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bone Scan

Well, not a lot to tell really. My oncologist says there is an area of concern in my spine between my shoulder blades. He said it could be something or it could be nothing. I don't have any symptoms at all from that area so his opinion is that I leave it well alone and do nothing. He doesn't want to do further investigation as he sees no point because I am well at the moment. He'd rather leave it and if I get symptoms later on, then we'll deal with it then. The report mentioned nothing about the spots on my kidneys, so that must mean it is normal.

So there you are, panic over for now! :0)


Beetle said...

t says you posted this at 7:16?????

Sindie said...

7.16am? I think not! It always displays the time wrongly. I have obviously done something wrong somewhere!