Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Evening all!
I got back late Sunday evening from a lovely weekend in Wales visiting my brother Chris, his wife Sarah and their two sons Jo and Aaron. We had a fantastic walk on the cliff tops by the sea and I had some long awaited fresh air in my lungs. The weather was fantastic. I couldn't believe that the sun came out just when we needed it! It was so lovely to visit them for a change as none of us have been since I first became ill 2 1/2 years ago. The five hour each way journey was a bit hard for me though. I had to be unfolded when we finally reached home. I'm still stiff now and it's Tuesday evening! :0)
Sindie with nephews little Jo and Aaron.

The best photo I have ever seen of my mum. It's so lovely to see her totally at ease and having fun! :0) I loves my mummy I do. X X X
And here's my daddy. Damned handsome (his words, not mine!)

Mummy being totally brave on top of a very high cliff, not an easy thing for her to do.

The glorious coastline.
Chris, Sarah, Aaron and Jo. There's an ickle baby in Sarah's tummy. :0)

Chris and Azza.

So.....that's it I think. I still haven't heard from my oncologist about my scan. Er, what else? Oh yes, my bead box arrived today at last!
It is full of little individual boxes that you can take out. It holds absolutely gazillions of beads! I am afraid to say that this box isn't nearly big enough though. I hadn't realised just how many beads I had amassed in such a short time! These are the beads I have left over:
My matey Dawn has now bought me another box as she couldn't stand my whining anymore. And besides she owes me for all these years of borrowing my children when I go out. :0)
This is an extremely cool grid rule thing that I couldn't live without.

It has all these markings and numbers and I don't know what they mean! I shall have to read up on them as I'm sure they'll be extremely helpful.
So, that really is it for tonight. I think tomorrow I have to help Emily with her Marilyn Monroe painting. Obvioulsy I shall report on that if it happens. :0)


GoldAnne said...

hi Sindie,
im blog visiting :)
love that funny pic!!!(of you)
dont you and your mum look alike!!!! re your previous post not this one lol,,
You have so much patience with those beads!!!!
Will be blog visiting again soon,:)
love Anne
rias mumsie xxxxx

granny grimble said...

Firstly how lovely to see Sandie so relaxed and silly. This week-end was the best thing that you could have done at this time. I bet you laughed and had such a lot of fun with Chris, Sarah and the children. What a tonic for you all. The views are breathtaking, but you wouldn't have got me on the edge of that cliff Sandie, 10 out of 10 for that! I can't wait to see whatever you are going to do with all these beads Poo. A beaded duvet cover ?????? Let us have piccies of Marilyn won't you?

emilyyy said...

What do you mean, if it happens??
Have you even printed it? Hmmm?
Grandma needs my assistance with her computer for ten minutes tomorrow: I expect you'll be speed printing whilst I'm there, hmmm?


Beetle said...

First we get nothing and then we get a weeks worth of photos ha ha!
It's obvious you all had a great time :O) I wondered why Livvie didn't go with you though.

I know what all the beads are for! You won't actually use them, you just like the collecting and putting them in lots of nice boxes :O)

emilyyy said...

Oh, and I'm glad you all had fun. =]
Aaron and Jo look so alike.
Does Jo scream whenever you walk into the room, by the way? Hehe.

Lots of love xxx

Spider said...

What a lovely blog Sindie, what scrummy beads too. I love all the photos, the children are lovely. I think Sandie was very brave, I do not think I could stand so near the edge. I notice Len was furthest from the edge. :O)