Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Quilt Takes Shape at last!

I have achieved quite a bit today on the old quilt front. I am quite proud of myself actually! Below you can see the initial stages. I cut the different fabrics into strips of varying width and sewed then together (badly). I believe the wonky lines give it a certain je ne sais quoi though. I used my super duper new spangly grid ruler thingy to square it up ready for cutting into tiles.

Here are the tiles ready for sewing together.

And here it is all sewn up with a pretty border added.

I then cut out the paper pattern for the applique portrait of Livvie. Each piece is to be from a different fabric.

Here's the finished basic quilt ready for embellishment. I shall have fun tomorrow with that!
And a close-up detail.
Tomorrow I shall do some free-motion machine embroidery. I actually need a feed plate cover for my machine which is a little plastic cover that goes over the serrated feet things that push the fabric backwards. Have I explained myself well? Some machines are able to drop the feed dogs, but not mine. The idea is that you grip the fabric in an embroidery hoop, take the foot off the machine and then you can freely embroider backwards and forward at will without the feed dogs pushing the fabric in the wrong direction. Anyway, without a cover I was going to be stumped. I have been trying for a week to purchase one, but can't find one anywhere. So Gary came up with the idea of sellotaping a credit card over the feed dogs. He made a hole in it for the needle to pass through and it works very well. So tomorrow I shall do smashing things. :0)


david santos said...

Good work, Sindie. Very nice too.
Thank you

kay said...

Coo! Sindie! It's coming on a treat. BUT, I do hope that credit card you used wasn't yours. Very devious your Gary isn't he.

granny grimble said...

How speedily this is moving, I am astounded! I't beginning to look so professional Sindie. This is going to be your piece de resistance! Since we can't all own one, perhaps we could have a lovely A4 print to hang instead!

weechuff said...

It is looking really good!! I am not going to look at it other than on this blog until it is completely finished! (I am secretly hoping that Sindie will decide she hasn't anywhere to hang it and I will inherit it, but somehow I don't think that is likely to happen:0()

Spider said...

Oh wow, what a fantastically talented girl you are. No Sandie, Sindie told me you have got so many of her bears that the quilt is mine!

Beetle said...

Is that all sewn already!? I can't believe it! How clever you are, and what patience. I suppose my little bit of mending will have to wait now - still, I don't mind taking a back seat for that lovely quilt :O)

Sindie said...

If you want your mending done, then this week is the right time as I can't progress with my quilt until I have the right bits for my machine!

Bry said...

How cool is that? You talented thing you!