Friday, 24 August 2007


I forgot to say that when I was on my mountain climbing/bog hopping walk I did three stand up wees, man stylee! I used my cardboard willies: Although they are absolutely fabulous, I didn't like the idea of throwing them away on a mountain side in the beautiful countryside. I know they are made of cardboard, therefore bio-degradable, but they are bright green and really conspicuous.

So I bought a SheWee instead: which is made of plastic and re-usable. It's so cool and so easy to use. I shall never worry about being caught out again. It can also be used for nasty public toilets, collecting urine samples and peeing out of the window on trains!

I would recommend the cardboard P-Mate if you'd like to keep one in your handbag or glove box for emergencies as they fold flat. The plastic SheWee is best if you're going to use it a lot. It's very small and discreet and fits into a plastic bag in your pocket.

Now we can all wee up against a wall on the way home from the pub!!!


granny grimble said...

Oh dear! What will Mr. Santos make of that blog!!!!

weechuff said...

Yes, Tina and I have one as well! Freedom for women at last! Hahahaha!!

Spider said...

Yes my one is plastic, I would quite like the disposable ones though. My one says that you do not have to wash it as it is made from a special type of plastic that the wee runs off. Ugh, I always wash mine!

Beetle said...

Haven't we always said "It's a mans world"? This just proves it. Even down to weeing in comfort and hygenically!

Beetle said...

I just though. I refuse to use public toilets and end up holding it until I get home. On a day out it's a bit of a bind. I may just get one of the plastic variety :O)