Monday, 3 September 2007

Free-Motion Embroidered Lettering

I have finished embroidering the lettering round the edge of the quilt. I am very pleased with it (and my smashing new machine!) I slipped up a few times and it's not prefect, but I think that adds to the hand-made feel that you don't get with automated machines. All the slip-ups make it look arty! :0)


granny grimble said...

Do you have to form these letters yourself as you go along, or are they already set out for you to transfer to the material?
It looks so nice (teacher said one shouldn't use that word!)But it does look n**e !!!! I can't wait to see a bit more of it.

Beetle said...

I wonder why "Nice" is not a good word?

It looks very lovely indeed. You know that has always been my problem - doing things my way, and then checking to see how it should done :O)

weechuff said...

I feel so excited for you that you have your new machine now. You are doing wonders with it already, and have only had it a few days:0)

Bry said...

ooooooooo tis looking fantabulous, is it finished yet?

Love the lettering...very snazzy!

I once had a teacher who looked like and acted like Professor Snape and would slap your hand if he ever caught us using the word 'nice' in any of our work. He automatically graded us 'E' or 'F' if it appeared in essays or homework regardless of whether or not it was a fab piece of work! No idea why, maybe cos it is such an insipid word. I now only say the 'n' word if something is not very nice and I don't want to be mean! Eeeeek I said it!!! LOL

Spider said...

Well it just goes to show, I never even knew N**e was not a n**e word.

It was so n**e to see your work Sindie, it really is quite outstanding and very n**e indeed.

I must say that as a niece you are very n**e! ;O)

N**e to see you, to see you N**e.


Sindie said...

N**e is such a non-committal word. English teachers want more flowery, descriptive words and n**e just doesn't cut it I'm afraid!

Now, I'll have no more of this filthy talk on my blog thank you!