Thursday, 6 September 2007

Sewing Rooms and Fabric Stash


You know how I often mention some bits and bobs from my Gran's sewing box that I have used? Well, in total, it probably amounts to half a carrier bag of stuff and it's most precious to me. I dip into it often. Well, I found this video clip on t'interweb and I was amazed! It's a 06.12 min clip. If you get the chance, watch it to the end as the last thing she says brought tears to eyes! What a lucky, lucky young lady. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven if I were her. :0)

Why is it that some people have a fabric stash like this:

And mine is only this big?:
Now, I know mine is very pretty too, but it is 'quantity challenged' if you know what I mean? My stash is only about 12" wide and the one above is about 8' high and 6' wide! Not fair! I am used to having materials at my fingertips in every colour and texture. To have everything there, colour sorted and before your eyes was so inspirational. When I was making bears I had a mohair and synthetic stash that was every bear makers envy. But alas, that is not my obsession now and the mohair and synthetic stash has been broken up and sold or given away.
I must now issue a warning to all friends and family. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT turn up at my house wearing a pretty blouse or shirt. I will not be responsible for the actions of my scissors!!!
I do have the pleasure of receiving some fabric and threads from America soon though, so I am really excited about that. :0)
Right, I am off to bejewel some fabric butterflies now. Will blog about that later.


granny grimble said...

That was a lovely video wasn't it? I don't think the young girl really appreciated what she had there though. Mind you her grandmother did make clothes, so it was all stuff that would be needed. What would you do with a stash of cloth like that? It's this old family collection thing rearing it's head agaim I reckon, 'cause I'd love it too!!!

Sindie said...

You know what I'd do with it all. First, I'd spend about six months organising it. Everything would be very neatly folded and colour stacked. It wouldn't matter to me what kind of fabric it was, I am more inspired by colour. I would then find a better system for all those patterns! I wouldn't want to throw them out as they could be used for reference. I'd also try and be brutal and get rid of the things that I felt I wouldn't use, like the machines and lace. Gosh, that would be the best fun I'd have in my life, ever! You could come and supervise if you liked Auntie Leeta. :0)

Beetle said...

I was sad as she didn't seem to have any emotion going through all those things. Still it takes all sorts I suppose :O)

Anyway, your fabric stash looks very lovely to me! What ever would you (or anyone) do with the amount of stuff in that video? She obviously spent a lifetime sewing.

Sindie said...

I'd organise it!!!

I was sad at that too. The granddaughter had been the one that messed it up as she said her Grandmother would be aghast that it was so messy. Golly, if you only knew how much I treasured Gran's few bits and bobs that I have!

weechuff said...

That was lovely. Fancy being left all that precious stuff by your grandma. I can just imagine what the room would look like after you and Leeta had got it sorted!!