Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Mum's Birthday Picture

I sat down today to make mum a birthday card and I just had no botheration for it. So, I decided to do her an embroidered picture instead. I was inspired by a gorg book that Bry gave me. :0)

First I used my trusty airbrush to do a pretty blended background.

Then I machine embroidered some grass and greenery and added a bit more airbrushing.

This is the picture with finished airbrushing and embroidery. Next I sewed the little hand-dyed disks of fabric on to represent flowers and anchored them with French knots.

Here's the finished picture all trimmed up and sewn onto a border of hand-dyed fabric. It needs to go in a frame really, but I don't have one so mum will have to find one.

Here's a close-up. I added this because I think it's a cool photo!!!

I have banned mum from looking at my blog today as it's not her birthday til tomorrow and of course I don't want her seeing this til then. :0)


granny grimble said...

That's great Sindie. Much better than a card, and she will love it! It looks very like a Monet don't you think?
It will be in a frame and on the wall by the weekend.
If she doesn't like it, I'll have it for my new loo wall!!!

Beetle said...

It's really good :O) You clever old thing you!

Sarah said...

Thats gorg Sindie. Hope it gets pride of place on her wall.
Hugs, Sarah x

emilyyy said...

It wasn't that pretty when you showed me today!!

Sorry for thinking it was 'very nice Mother.' =D


All Bear said...

Lovin' your creativity Sindie! Most energising!

Your shelves and pots post is right up my street too ... is it right to feel so good when your shelves are so pretty? *Scratches head* ... I guess I may need a little therapy eh? ;o)

Beverley said...

that is really nice, and much better than receiving a card. I love hand making cards but what do you do with them after? I can never bring myself to throw them away, it seems wrong somehow.