Sunday, 23 September 2007

Nearly Forgot...New Painting!

I spent all of last week creating a painting for mum and dad's wall. I say 'creating' because the actual painting was only the half of it! First I made a huge mask over the triptych canvases (see, there are three of them!) then I slopped some Artex on it to represent bark. Then I took the mask off revealing a raised and rough tree shape.

Here is the painting half way through. At this point I always think I have ruined it, but I press on knowing it will probably be alright in the end. There are about five layers of paint here and I'm nowhere near finished.

This is the finished painting on mum and dad's wall, not sure if I like it though. Mum and dad seem to and Gary certainly does. I don't think Gary 'gets' my abstract paintings, but this one is something recognisable so he thinks it's great!


GoldAnne said...

Im extremely sure its not easy to do ---- but it looks lovely and splodgy and messy to dig into ,
anne xxx

weechuff said...

It is lovely, and those coming to dinner on Thursday, will be able to see for themselves!

Beetle said...

Well I think it's absolutely fab! I want to do one like it now ;O)

Bry said...

faberoony matey!

Jo said...

I love it! I'm in a tree phase these days, so it's perfect! You're a genius! A master artist! A stunning creationist! (Keep going, or is that enough for one day? :-p )