Thursday, 1 November 2007

Flibble Fits and Mushrooms.

First, about the flibble fits in brief:

I had to call an ambulance for poor Gary a few weekends ago as he was having a series of seizures/fits. They looked like full-on epileptic type fits to me, so an ambulance took him away for a few days. He had all the cat scans, heart checks etc and they found nothing. No explanation.

Then this weekend while we were away in the camper they had to call an ambulance for me!!! I was having chest pains and difficulty breathing. So they also took me away for all the same checks and've guessed it...they found nothing! I was on oxygen for a couple of days and then they chucked me out.

The worst thing is that they have taken Gary's driving licence away which is a huge blow. Fortunately his company are fabulous and are backing us all the way. I think they are going to let me keep the car for the odd occasion when I am brave enough to venture out! Gary will work mostly from home for the next year so some good has come of it all i.e. no more silly hours and driving thousands of miles a month. I believe it's a blessing in disguise as Gary will now be forced to take things easier. :0)
See, we're both fine this evening! :0)

Now for the mushrooms. The camp site we went to is called Quarry Walk in Staffordshire. It is totally amazing. We saw squirrels, rabbits galore, an owl, mushrooms, toadstools and there were also badgers and stoats. It was so pretty and so deathly quiet. We have to go back again. :0)

Me and Auntie Dawn (not mine, the children's) hunting for badgers.

You can just about see our van through the silver Birch trees from the quarry cliff overlooking the site.

I hope you can click on this to make it bigger. Can't you just smell the damp woodland air? There were so many fungi that I shall purchase a book specially to look them all up. It was fascinating. I would have loved to have been clever enough to know what was edible. Yummy!

Now this was interesting. Gary got on tippy toes to look down a hollow stump still attached to a tree and this is who he found inside! Cool huh?

Me and Uncle Glen (not mine, the children's!) having some love. Please excuse my hair but I was not long out of hospital and could not be bothered to do it. Maybe if I'd have looked in a mirror first I might have!!!

Gary's last sick day off is tomorrow so we're hoping to have a nice day out weather and health permitting. I shall of course report back if we manage it. :0)


weechuff said...

Weather looks good for tomorrow! What is it inside that hollow trunk -slugs?

Sindie said...

Big fat juicy slugs! We fried them up with the toadstools!

granny grimble said...

What a lovely place that looks. I tried to enlarge the lovely woody smelly photo - but it wouldn't! The Fungi that you snapped is Fly Agaric and it's HIGHLY POISONOUS!Good job Livvie wasn't with you, she'd have picked it and stuffed it somewhere to save!
Have a lovely time tomorrow, and bring me back some diabetic candy floss!!!!!

GoldAnne said...

super pics Sindie !!! sorry you were both taken ill!!!
I really dislike slugs , before we had our utility room done it was covered in slugs in the morning over breakfast trays everywhere
horrid xxx

Beetle said...

Unfortunately none of the photos are clickable :O(
It looks really lovely there. It's a jolly good job you didn't pick anything - you could all be dead now!!!

Spider said...

oooh what a lovely blog Poo, I am so glad to be back amongst the living and reading blogs again.

The slugs looked big bad and ugly to me.

Your hair as always looks good.
Auntie T xx

Bry said...

oooooooo yummy sluggies, great lightly sauteed with poisonous fungi and some grass!!!!

Jeanette Spain said...

So pleased it all worked out for you and Gary, Tina was keeping me imformed as to how you both were.
What a lovely place you camped at, you will have to give me the camp address and when we next come over in the van we can visit it, thats our kind of camp.
Your photos were brill it made Brian and I want to visit there.
Jeanette Spain