Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Nanny Flo's Ring. :0)

I often admired my Nanny Flo's jade ring when I was small. I just need to look at it and I can see in my mind's eye my Nan's hand with her soft skin and gorgeously shaped nails with pink nail varnish. Nanny Flo wasn't one to wear make-up or perfume, but she liked to have her hair set and she powdered her nose and wore nail varnish on special occasions. She was a big woman but had lovely, feminine hands and dad's nails are shaped just like hers. :0) Nanny Flo was a proper nan, always baking and treating the grand children. She was the best ever audience and when you had a song to sing or a line in the nativity play to recite, she would literally puff her chest out with pride. We often miss her and say quietly 'nan would have been so proud'.

Granddad Tom and Nanny Flo (Dad's parent's) and Granddad Sid (Mum's dad, the artist)

When nan died she left the jade ring to mum and mum has worn it ever since. Recently mum gifted it to me to give me a chance to wear it. I keep catching glimpses of it out of the corner of my eye and it's Nan's hand that I see, not mine. Often, when I open my mouth to giggle I can hear Nan's giggle and that makes me laugh even more. Mum has been telling me for years how I laugh just like her, but as I get older I can finally hear it for myself.

I don't suppose the ring is worth an awful lot in monetary value, but in sentimental value it's worth millions to me. I painted my nails pink for the photo, in honour of the bestest Nan in the world. X X X X


weechuff said...

What a lovely blog:0) I still miss Flo, and often think of her, but never so much as when you laugh! It is sooo strange! I think that ring is so pretty, and quite classy actually. You should have taken a picture of it side veiw, and added a photo of Flo:0)

Spider said...

Oh Sindie poo, you made me cry, I also loved Flo a lot.

I will always remember her soft skin and her telling me that it is all due to Olay of Ulay. The other day I was talking about Flo with Dave and mentioned the Olay of Ulay and he said I was wrong and she used something quite different. I cannot remember now but I shall ask Dave, Mum can tell us who was right. It is spelt differently now days.
Auntie T

Sindie said...

It was Oil of Ulay! I use it now. :0) It is now called Oil of Olay.

Sarah said...

A very touching blog entry. Wish I'd had a Nan like that. I only knew my Mum's mum and she wasn't really Nan like. An elderly friend of my Mum's was Nan like though, she used to take the skin off tomatoes for me and everything!
Hugs, Sarah x

granny grimble said...

What a lovely blog Sindie. You were so fortunate to have two Grannies. I only had one, and she died when I was three, so I only have short sparse memories of her. I always longed to be a Nan like my Mum was, but it wasn't to be (one of the sad parts of my life) It must be lovely for your Dad too, that his Mum lives on in you a little.

Beetle said...

Oh that is so lovely. You were very blessed to have not only two grannies but also two granddads!
I have often felt sad that I never had the experience of a grannie loving me, or me a grannie.

Bry said...

oooooooooo that is the sweetest thing I have heard in forever :0)xx

Jeanette Spain said...

What a nice blog, I only had a nan on my mums side and she lived in Glasgow while we were in England so did not see her that much.
If the ring was worth only 2p the memories it gives you are worth a million, they can never be replaced.
Jeanette Spain

Spider said...

Dave still says Flo used Vitamin E cream and nothing else! He is so stubborn.

weechuff said...

Flo only ever used Oil of Ulay!! You tell that David he is wrong:0)

GoldAnne said...

that was a beautiful blog ,I love the ring it so suits you , my Mother used oil of ulay and she looked wonderful,,, but I cant remember my grandmothers creams ,,
( just their food :) !!!)
love Anne xxx