Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Livvie playing her new drums.


Bry said...

Woo hoo....go Livvie go...any moment now she will be a rich and famous female drummer in a rock band and keeping you in the style to which you would like to become accustomed!!!!

granny grimble said...

Wow Whee! Livvie. When you are rich and famous, and rich, and more rich, don't forget your poor old moth-eaten great aunt Leeta will you? Meanwhile, can I have your autograph please.XXXXXXXXX

weechuff said...

Wow!! Well done Livvie:0) Grandma and Grandpa are very proud of the talents in the Smith family! You have improved even since Christmas.
You will be famous one day!

Spider said...

Everyone else has said it for me, Wow Livvie, such talent. I expected a noise, but not that noise. Fantastic, well done. Tinaxx

Spider said...

Forgot to say how alike Sindie looks to you sitting there Sindie. A minature of you. :O) (is that spelt correctly?)

Anne said...

Wey hey - that's completely brilliant Livvie. Lots of jamming sessions to come - what fun!
Loved reading all about your Christmas as well.
Anne xxx

Beetle said...

Oooer! I forgot to leave a comment :O)

SOZ MAN! - or was it Soz mad? ha ha!
As well as playing the drums and putting washing bins on her head, Livvie has a whole new vocabulary ;O)

Any way Brilliant and keep it up :O)

Sarah said...

Wow and double wow! That girl got rhythm!

Hugs, Sarah x