Monday, 7 January 2008

New Year & Party Games

Well, Christmas and New Year is over and of course I couldn't keep up with the blog-a-day idea! Not only was I busy, busy, busy over the holiday period, but with the children home from school I haven't been able to get near my laptop. Christmas was nice. I got a new watch from Mr.Wooks and some lovely threads from Emily. I got me and Gary some tickets to see Lee Evans next September. Both the girls had a very small pile of presents and were totally satisfied with that, but what they didn't know was that on 1st December we had an insurance policy mature so Emily had money and Livvie had a surprise later in the day when we got to mum's. Just when she thought it was all over we presented her with this:

Bless her, she wasn't expecting anything else and she was so excited she was shaking as she opened the boxes as she must have known what was inside. Not in her wildest dreams would she have expected such an extravagant gift. Thank you Mr. Prudential man! :0)

New year was a blast as usual with loads of silly party games which included Chin Heads:

Danglesplurge. Emily won the magnificent Golden Banana trophy this year:
And Bin Liner Fashions. My team won with this gorgeous creation modelled by Glen:

The other team did this...not entirely sure what it is, but please note the genitalia made from fruit!:

Babs and Mo couldn't join us this year and I must say it was extremely quiet without them cackling! Just for Babs, here's a photo of my new nephew Jake. :0)

I made something scrummy for little Jake today which I will show you in tomorrows blog.


weechuff said...

I don't know what you mean! Fancy not recognising what our outfit was!!! I think that photo of Glen should be framed :0)

Beetle said...

Oh my! How posh are those drums? The photo isn't clickable though :O(

Emily is lucky that we didn't come as this year the "Danglesplurge" trophy was mine, I say...mine!

How scrummy Jake is :O)

Spider said...

OOh it all looked very funny and a big giggle with or without Babs and Mo lol. I have lots and lots of photos and videos of Jake hee hee.

You may well be sorry you brought that fab drum set for Livvie ah! Bet she was delighted.

Oooh all decs are down and we are all bare again until next year.

One last time Happy Christmas and A very happy new years Oh I know it has all gone but.....

Sarah said...

Looks like fun in the Smith household at the festive season! How many sherrys had you all had?

All the best for this new year.

Hugs, Sarah x

granny grimble said...

Which Sarah has left a comment. It can't be Sarah Cowell, as she was at the fesivities. I'm confused!
Not only should the photo of Glen be framed, but it should become part of next, and every, years decorations. It will NEVER be equalled! Livvie looks so 'At home' with her drum kit, but I've still to hear her play! Can we have a piccie of your new watch please. I've said it before, but I'll say it again, Jake is so huggable and kissable, and I love him

Sindie said...

This Sarah is a teddy bear artist (and a very good one!) If you click on her name you'll see. :0)