Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Frosty Days

This is Bobbie taking a little excercise in the garden yesterday. It was very cold and the frost was thick, even in the afternoon.

I sat out with her for about an hour in the sun shine. The sky was clear and beautiful :0)

Today was even colder. The ice in my bucket is an inch thick and the hosepipe is frozen solid!

This afternoon we drove down by the resevoir and it looked beautiful with the white frosty trees and the mist hovering over the water. I don't know if you can make it out in this photo. I also found this perfectly frozen spiderweb.

Gary got his EEG results today and they're all clear as expected. That means he's not allowed to get his driving licence back until he's been a year free of fits. :0(


weechuff said...

Ahh! I bet her tiny little paddy paws were frozen after all that running around in the frost:0) I was surprised at how many spiders there are around in the garden in this cold. I thought they would all be hibernating somewhere, but their webs were beautiful this morning.

GoldAnne said...

I can see the attraction in lil Bobbie sooo cuddly and gorgeous she looks bigger already!!! ,,oh my you have cold weather there!!!!!hopew the spider was frozen too ,love anne xxx

granny grimble said...

Talking of spiders have you found any indoors yet Sandie ?
That's a lovely little film of Bobbie. It's a good job that she has lots of fur. She's a bit near the ground isn't she, who's got a frozen little belly then!!
Good news that Gary's EEG is clear, and a year will soon pass.

Beetle said...

She so cute :O) The web is lovely - how wicked is Goldanne? Frozen spider ha ha ha! I bet a few months have already passed so it isn't a whole year.

Jeanette Spain said...

Nice vidio of Bobby,It does look cold though, I'd rather be seeing the beautiful webs in the frost on your blog though, we thought it cold here at 16 deg.
Bobby looks a bit like Toffs.
Jeanette Spain

Spider said...

Hi all, Speaking from sunny England, well we are all aloud a bit of a fib ah?

I loved that spiders web Poo, I do not like spiders but would not wish them frozen to death in their little homes, bad girl Goldanne lol.

I miss my little babies, I hope they are doing well and that Toff is not getting too many shiver me timbers! The vet said it was brought on by the shock if the fireworks and now any unusual noise will set her off but she should get better :O)

Cannot wait to see little Bobbie for a puppy smelling kiss :O)

Can't do a spell check so hope this is ok :O)

Auntie Txxxx