Thursday, 14 February 2008

Bobbie Video

Here's a little video of Bobbie. :0)

She's doing better at night now. We have discovered that we can have a peaceful evening if we put her on our bed. She sleeps all evening on her back with her stumpy legs in the air! Then at bedtime we just pop her into her crate and into Livvie's room. Livvie baracades her into a little space so that she can step out of her crate if she wants to for a pee or a poop. Two nights running Bobbie has created because she's pooped and wants me to change the paper. When the paper is changed she settles down to sleep again.


Spider said...

h Sindie she is soo cute. She is the image of Toff, she may go lighter as Toff did. I am so looking forward to seeing her. kissy kissy

weechuff said...

She is sooo sweet! All fluffy and warm:0)

Sindie said...

Fluffy and warm and stinky! I keep having to wash her face and bum!!!

Beetle said...

Yes her face was all wet and mucky when we saw her ha ha! She is soooo cute :O)

Sarah said...

Sindie I don't know how many times I've watched this, I've lost count. I had to hug myself after I watched it the first time in replacement of hugging her!

Those little stubby legs....sigh!

Right I'm off before I make a complete gushing fool of myself.

Hugs, Sarah x

GoldAnne said...

how cute is that!!!!!!