Monday, 11 February 2008

My Name Is Bobbie, Pleased To Meet You!

This is Bobbie, my new Shih Tzu baby girl. She was born on 17th December and she came home with us yesterday. Look at that little face, it looks like she's been smacked with a frying pan!!!

I'm sure she's going to be a beautiful little doggie, but for now she's very hard work what with my back paining me so much. Oh well, it's all my own fault! :0)

Last night, because we knew she'd cry, we put her in her little cage with her bed, then we put the cage with the door open in the shower and then we closed the shower door. She SCREAMED the place down! She would have woken the whole street so we took her in her cage upstairs next to our bed where she continued to scream. In the end Livvie came in and took her into her bedroom becuase se sleeps with a light on. Bobbie was better but continued to cry on and off in the night. Livvie was able to sleep through most of it. I was up at midnight trawling the web for puppy training advice! It would seem that most people say that you have to ignore the crying and screaming and that the baby will eventually get that I won't come running every time.

This is me at 7.30am after being woken by a poo covered puppy. Look at my pained expression! Me and Livvie had to bath her and then I had to hand wash her bed.

It's so difficult getting anything done with a puppy in the house. I had to get Livvie to look after Bobbie while I washed, made the bed and did the chores. Thank goodness Livvie's off school this week! It's also handy because I am having a week of radiotherapy on my back and of course Livvie can doggy-sit. I'll put a video on later of her little stubby legs and waddling bum. :0)


Spider said...

Oh Sindie, you never said a thing, we are sooo jealous of you.

They cry for a few days (or nights) they miss their Mum and brothers and sisters but it does stop. DON'T lock her up that will make her so much more frightened. How could you put her in a cage and lock that in the shower!! bad girl.

She needs lots of love and cuddles. She will make you the bestest pet you have ever owned. She is so much like Toffee. As we have brought up one and her pups as well as keeping two don't forget to ask anything you need to know. Auntie Tina

Sindie said...

I'm adamant about training her to her little cage. I have two friends that have their dogs crate trained and they are happy, obedient and well adjusted dogs. All the trainers say it's best if you read up on it. Wat did you do Auntie T? Just have them on a bed in your room?

Spider said...

No IN the bed lol xx

weechuff said...

Poor you! Never mind, after radiotherapy your back may be better. If not I am not sure what you will do. Are you going to put her in the cage for a snooze at odd time during the day to get her used to it?
I know we said we would babysit, but don't fancy her screaming the house down!! Hahaha! Let's hope she will be better by then, otherwise Pickles will go bonkers!!

Sindie said...

She's aready quite happy to have naps in her cage with the door shut. She was asleep all yesterday evening in it. Did you really sleep with the puppies in your bed Auntie T?

kay said...

Oh! Sindie! She is gorgeous. I look forward to a cuddle with her. X

granny grimble said...

What have you called a pretty litle girl Bobby for? Everyone will think she's a man dog! Who chose the name? She is adorable and I wil never forget her little waddling bum and legs trotting round my kitchen floor. How have the cats reacted to her? Of course Tina took them to bed. Anyone who sits their dogs up to the Christmas dinner table with santa hats on, or takes them for walks in frilly party dresses, wouldn't stop at two dogs in the bed with her! As Babs would say, 'Don't be silly all your life'

Chris Cowell said...

Sindie, how could you! You could have had Joe instead, he would love to live in a cage in the shower and we could save loads of money by not having to extend our house!!
Sis in law Sarah

Chris Cowell said...

Uh oh, didn't realise this would print a picture of my darling hubbie, oops! you have given me an idea though, i could put Joe to live in a cage in the shower anyway! Lack of bedroom space solved.

Sarah NOT Chris!!

GoldAnne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Sindie she is absolutely gorgeous incredibly
cute ,
Rosalind yelled a lot at first she missed her brothers and sisters too,well and her mummy of course!!!
ive never had a puppy we had a gorgeous labrador, that came with
my husb as gorgeous baggage!!!
anne xxx

Beetle said...

Oh my! She is definitely scrummy but a lot of work when you have a bad back! Why did you get her now? Strange I don't remember having problems with Tess squeeling at night. I do remember having plastic sheeting all over the lounge floor covered with newspaper. Each day removing one or two pieces of paper until eventually only one piece remained. Then slowly moving that to the door. Once that was removed, she automatically went to the door looking for the paper and when she found none she asked us. Hey presto - totally house trained :O)

Not sure I like the cage idea though. We tried that with Livvie, until we realized how unhappy she was.

Chris Cowell said...

Just when the house was smelling nice again. What a pathetic excuse for a rat, let alone a dog.

Sindie said...

Chris, you're a mean PIG! You can flippin' well talk with all those brats stinking up your house! I bet Jake smells more than my new baby? BOO to Chris.

Spider said...

To answer your question on the pups sleeping in the bed, not as Pups but Toff sometimes has a cuddle inside with me of a morning, well not sometimes ALWAYS. Giz will not get in the bed! Auntie T