Thursday, 24 April 2008

Craft Classes And Suzie's First Walk

Three weeks ago me and mum started some mixed art classes. Little did we know, until we arrived for our first class, that we would be working towards a qualification! There are two parts to the 20 week course. At the moment we are doing NCFE Paper Crafting level 1. We are now officially students of Rotherham College and are now entitled to Student Cards which gives us healthy discounts on all sorts of things. After doing this weeks subject 'Paper Quilling', Mum leaned in and asked me 'Do you think anyone ever fails this course?' That set me off giggling as I replied 'You'd have to be some kind of mega idiot to fail!' The course can I put it.....easy on the old grey matter! We're enjoying it though and I guess that's the main thing. :0) Next week is 'Decorative Painting'. I expect that will impress us a bit more as the finished result looks quite good. I'll keep you informed of how we're doing.


Although Suzie has been allowed to go out for a walk for a week or more, we haven't had much success so far. Livvie took her out a week ago and Suzie point blank refused to walk on the lead so Livvie ended up carrying her for over a mile! Since then however, due to my training schedule, she has been doing reasonable well on the lead so I took mum and dad up on their offer of a dog walk yesterday afternoon. Here's Suzie starting out. There are so many sniffs and smells on the ground, she loved it!:

She walked very well indeed and I was very proud of her. Here's a short video of her playing fetch with mum:


Puppy Training - Day Four

Well......Suzie is managing to do most of her wee-wees and poops outside, but that's only because I take her out so often. The minute I let my guard down, she does it in the house! I reckon this is going to take far longer than one week. Oh well, I am dedicated to the cause and willing to do this routine for six months if I have to! At least summer is coming up. This morning I was standing in the garden at 6am with the dog on a lead and me in my dressing gown in the pouring rain. You'll also find me there at 11pm with dressing gown on and the addition of a torch. Other training is coming on well though. She's excellent at night, in the bath and when I groom her. She sits on the sink unit (I can't bend down) as good as gold while I tug all the knots out of her moustache and beard. Then she sits patiently while I brush her entire body and then comb her hair and put her top-knot in. She's also good at travelling and when I say 'in you go' she hops into her crate and sits like a good girl while I fasten the door shut.


Diet -Day Four

I have been stunning, stupendous, incredible, wicked, wonderful and also jolly good so far. I am eating a tonne of fruit and veg and salad and only smattering of anything else. I have been going by the book. I must admit to being hungry most of the time, but that can't be a bad thing to feel after nearly four years of being stuffed! I have to stop feeling sorry for myself and making excuses. I need to lose weight for my own good. I can just imagine how much easier I would be able to get around if I dropped 3-4 stone.


At the moment I am listening to Livvie and her band having band practice in her little bedroom. It sounds quite good actually. :0) It's very rocky, like every other teen band I've ever heard! :0)


weechuff said...

Oooh! Susie is sooo cute! Look at her playing 'fetch'!! She was such a good girl:0)

granny grimble said...

Isn't suzie sweet. I wish I could see her. She must have grown such a lot since I saw her that first day. She looks like she is going to be a loyal and protective pet. I justlove her to bits!
I didn't know Livvie had a band. I haven't even heard her play her drums yet! Who's in the band, how many of them and are they a girl band? Photo please.

Babs (Beetle) said...

Suzie is so sweet :O) They are hard work until they are trained, but with all the fur she will always be hard work ha ha!

Since when has Livvie been in a band?

Babs (Beetle) said...

I just have to add - that is an awful photo of you. If I didn't know it was you I wouldn't have recognized you.

Spider said...

Oh susie is sooo sweet Poo. She is a good girl to play fetch. My two stupid girls do not know what I mean. Toff is not interested in any play what so ever and spends all her rest time sucking her dum dum. Giz will play non stop all day but still does not give up what she has run to get!!!

Can't wait to see Susie in the flesh.

Sindie if you tell me what I can and can't eat I will go on the diet with you. We could help each other loose weight. I need to loose about 2 stone as well.
Auntie fat T xxxxx

Sindie said...

I can't bring Suzie round Leeta because of your cats, not to mention your carpet!

Livvie went to a club at church the other day and when she arrived some boy introduced her to all the others as the new drummer of the band! Livvie knew nothing about it, but was of course chuffed to bits. :0)

As for Suzie's fur...I am quite happy if it's about as long as it is now. It is very manageable and se's very quick to groom and bathe. I will be getting it cut shorter when her adult hair grows in. It's still all sticky-up fluff at te moment.

Tina, you have seen Suzie in the flesh, you keep saying you can't wait to see her. Have you forgotten, or do you mean you'd love to see her again?

I can't tell you what you can and can't eat as there is a whole book dedicated to it wit recipes and menus etc. You'd need to buy the book really.

Spider said...

When have I seen susie in the flesh so to speak. I never have.

Sindie said...

You only saw her a matter of weeks ago on your last visit to the UK. She was only about 8 weeks old. How can you have forgotten you mean old lady?