Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Diet And Puppy Training Day Two

I decided my life was going far too well lately, so I have decided I needed to punish myself. Yesterday I started both a new diet and puppy training. The diet is well overdue. I have now reached 16 st and size 18/20. It's just not good enough. My face is now so fat I look like Squirrel Nutkins hiding nuts in my cheeks! So yesterday was Day One of the Rosemary Connolly GI Jeans Diet. It's alright so far and I'll keep you posted about my successes and failures.

Day One of puppy training was middling. I am beginning to lead train the poppy puppy dog. She hasn't been best pleased about me putting on a lead and dragging her around the garden at all hours of the day and night. I am out there at 7.30am in my dressing gown and throughout the day and again at 11pm. I am using a book called How To Housebreak You Dog In 7 Days.

The basic idea is that the dog is penned in for long stretches of time. Because they don't like to soil their small area they wait for the loo until you let them out. They of course are like humans and pee and poop at certain times of the day and it's up to me to recognise when that will be. So far Suzie has managed one pee and one poop outside. She's a little confused though as she thinks it's correct to do it indoors at the moment. I was wandering around the garden with her on the lead waiting for her to poop and nothing happened. I then let her off the lead to go back indoors for ten minutes and she immediately rushed in and pooped in Emily's bedroom in a panic! I suppose it must be weird pooping outside with the wind whistling round your bum? Anyway, I shall persevere. :0)

Here's Suzie looking very sad in her pen. She wants to come out to play and it's not time yet. 'Look mummy, I'm so sad I even shredded my paper!'

Another thing I am trying to take care of is her constant barking. I am actually getting somewhere with that. I bought these little brass disks. When she barks I throw them noisily near her and it distracts her immediately. If she barks again, I throw them again and so on. I was doing at 6.30am this morning! She is now realising that when she barks these disks come flying from nowhere (I try and hide when I throw them) and she doesn't like it! The barking is much better. I was using a metal tray with a metal cake cooling rack to make noise but that was frightening the hell out of her so I changed to the disks.

Totally changing the subject, here's some Peyote beading I did yesterday:

I put it on the fork for a size comparison. The thread was stretching and the beads are a slightly irregular size so I gave up after 2". However, I have ordered the correct thread stuff and will definitely try again as it is addictive! I want to make a bracelet next.
I Will keep you regularly updated wit the diet, puppy training and beading. :0


weechuff said...

I don't know about you, but after only one day on this diet, I feel a lot better in myself. Strange that. Perhaps it is the fact that I am not eating so much bread? Poor Sukie with the metal tray:0( But that system definitely works, doesn't it?
I watched the video you sent me on beading, and it is so fiddly to do! You have to have good eyes, but it makes really nice bracelets.

granny grimble said...

Is there any end to your talents? Interior design and decorating, artist, cook, earth mother, needle woman, to mention just the tip of the iceberg! Now dog trainer and torturer! Fancy having metal objects thrown at you at 6.30 am! Poor Suzie, but I'm sure she will learn very soon.
I've just had a good idea. You could creep up behind Sandie when she's thinking of a cappuccino, and throw a couple of tin trays at her.
I like your beadwork, but it would send me blind! You must have a steady hand and good eyesight. Good luck with the diet. I will be joining you next week (when my book arrives)

Babs (Beetle) said...

How come you didn't start training Suzie immediately? Poor baby all locked up with loud clangy things being thrown at her ha ha!

Babs (Beetle) said...

How come you didn't start training Suzie immediately? Poor baby all locked up with loud clangy things being thrown at her ha ha!

Spider said...

Ah she is so sweet, she reminds me of my babies. How long is she in her play pen for? I used to ask Mummy to put mine in for ages and ages and ages an ages............

I am sooo pleased all that training is well behind us now (except when we visit Auntie Sandie :O)

I cannot wait to play with you Susie, I expect your mummy will think we look ever so old against your pretty face, I used to be very pretty too when I was younger. My career still thinks I am, don't tell her will you ;O)