Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Quilt Challenge Revealed And Bathroom

As some of you know I belong to a web group named The Fibre Pirates. Basically we are a group of rufty tufty pirates who swear and spit and sew. The latest piratey challenge that was thrown out was called Baggo 2008. Those who wished to participate had to collect together scraps of fabric, ribbon, thread and beads and put them in a zippy bag and mail them to the coordinator. 10 people took part so the coordinator (in the US) mailed them out to everyone so that we all had a mystery pack of scraps from a mystery donor. Then we had to make something from the scraps. Here's a sketch of my original idea:

I wanted to do something pirate themed and would you believe that the pack of scraps I received contained some skull and crossbones printed organza and some skull and crossbones beads? Perfick! Here's is the picture midway through fusing the collage pieces to the background:

Here is the finished article. I 'sketched' using free motion embroidery on my machine. I added organza layers, beads, couched threads and strings of pearls. I think it's suitably piratey, don't you? :0) This is Buxom Betty Bones:

The idea now is that whoever recognised these fabrics as their own can claim it and I will post it to them. In turn, I shall recognise my fabrics and claim mine back. I wonder what I'll get? The challenge has about six weeks to run yet and I was rather prompt at making this so I might have a long wait to claim mine!

Over a year ago we had a lot of building work done on the house which was supposed to include re plastering and beautifying of the upstairs bathroom. However, as is often the case in these situations, we ran out of money, but not before me and dad had pulled all the old tiles and most of the plaster off the walls first! So we have been living with a rather cool cave-look bathroom for over a year now. I have been so fed up with pieces of ceiling falling on my head while I luxuriate in a hot bath! This week, Steve the builder is here again to plaster the bathroom at last! Here's a pic of dad pulling the last of the tiles and hardboard off in readiness:

Hubble is a bit miffed as he was doing the hard work right up until this point when dad took over to give him a break. He says it looks like dad did it all!

At the moment we are widdling in an ancient portapotti that I was given by a Freecycler. I have bleached it all up (although it was spotless anyway) and that is now our upstairs loo. We had no choice because I am very unsteady at night with all the drugs I have to take. I would have killed myself having to go up and down the stairs about 3 or 4 times a night! Steve has plaster boarded the whole bathroom now so I guess he'll start plastering in the morning. I already bought the tiles and accessories last year so now all I have to do is choose the paint and get some new towels. Well, I say 'new' but I believe my matey Dawn has some that she is willing to donate. :0)

Lastly, here's a couple of photos of Suzie who is now 16 weeks old. I love her soooooo much and she's an absolute darling. She's certainly brightened my life up. It is now time to train her and I keep putting it off because I'm so lazy! Here's an action shot of her eating her favourite treat, a carrot:

And here's a shot of her after digging in the garden in the rain. I found her with her head in a muddy hole. This photo really does not do the mess justice!:


weechuff said...

The Pirate is fantastic!! And so mucher nicer in the 'flesh'!! The photo does not do it justice:0)
I just want to give Suzie a cuddle every time I see even a photo of her. She is sooo cute!! And I think she is going to have a very mischievious character!

Babs (Beetle) said...

This warranted three posts :O)

Firstly the pirate thingy is really great and I expect whoever donated the bits will be thrilled. It is exciting isn't it?

Secondly, your bathroom will be lovely very soon now.

Thirdly - What a little muddy, minx he he. I bet she does brighten up your life :O)

granny grimble said...

Hasn't Betty Bones turned out superbly? If I were you, I would be so upset having to let her go. I was wondering how she was progressing. I still think she's the best one that you've done so far. Although I think that about them all I know! Do you all do the great hand over at the same time, Or will Betty go as soon as she is identified?
As for that scruffy bundle of love, well what can I say. Looks like you have a cheeky bundle of mischief there, that will keep you on your toes forever!
Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. Send piccies ASAP please.

Bry said...

Number one...amazing quilting as usual.

Number two...at long last a normal bathroom, you must be thrilled at the prospect of finally getting nearly all your house done, just the hall left?

Number three...Suzie is ADORABLE she does look like a little terror!!!

Spider said...

Sindie I love that quilt, it is fantastic. I know the eventual owner will be just thrilled to receive it, I hope yours gift is half as nice.

I bet you cannot wait to lounge in your new cool bathroom. Does suzie like her bath? she needs one.

I cannot wait to see her in person.


Sarah said...

Well.....Wow, Hoorah and Awwww...and everything else, everybody else said!

Good to see you back in blogland, I've missed you.

Hugs, Sarah x

Laume said...

WOW, she's fantastic! Argh! Makes me wish I'd hopped on board with this Baggo. Oh, yeah,I remember, it was while I was traveling. Who ended up getting this lovely lady?