Thursday, 17 April 2008

Snow And Latest Project And Dyeing

I awoke to a thick covering of snow this morning (in mid April?) and got out there to video Suzie's first snow experience before it melted:

She had a jolly nice time eating all the snow and scampering about. :0) Talking of Suzie, look what I pulled out yesterday morning:

It was hanging on a thread and I nipped it out and she didn't even notice. She was more interested gnawing on my fingers! How impossibly teeny tiny is this?

I have started on a new project and was running it by mum (as is always necessary on these occasions) when she pointed out the need for some yellow. As I told mum I didn't have any in my stash. So I decided that I needed another dyeing day. Here are today's results, just for mummy:

My monitor is showing those brightest colours as bright orange, when in fact they're a vivid lipstick red. I also did some flesh tones (or tried to) as I'll be needing them for more portrait quilts in the future. Do click on the photo and then you can see that some of it is muslin and some cotton and some velvet. I can't show you my latest project as hubble has invaded the sewing room with computer jiggery pokery, so it'll have to wait till next time. :0)


granny grimble said...

Suzie surely enjoyed her 'new experience' didn't she? I love her hair do. Does she always wear it that way, or is it her snowballing top knot? That tooth is so, so small, you wouldn't think it would work, but I bet it did! She looks like she's grown so much since I last saw her. She's all fluffy and squeezable now.
What is your new embroidery task, or is it a secret? The colours are like a yummy pile of fruit drops

Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha! Tess used to really love the snow too! We used to have to throw shovel's full on her head.

Lovely colours - I could eat them :O)

weechuff said...

Wow! The different materials really show up in the enlarged photo! There are some gorgeous colours there. Did you just dye the yellow ones today, or have you done all those different colours as well?

I wish we could have had a longer video of Suzie. She was just getting into her stride when it stopped! What a shame it melted so quickly:0(

Spider said...

Wow, the colour's are terrific, did you machine dye them or hand dye them? I bet if you hand dyed them as the dye got weaker it changed the dye colour. That is always a help as it gives more shades.

I cannot get the video moving. It stays at buffing :O(

Sindie said...

Suzie's hair is always like that now as it's so long and flops down past her eyes. It's all too baby fine to have a first haircut yet though.

I dyed all those colours by hand today.I used a pippette dropper and small spray bottles as well as immersion dyeing to get different effects.I kept adding different colours to acheive different shades.

I shall let you know about my new project next time. It's not a secret, it's just that Gary was in the way and i couldn't get in to take photos!