Sunday, 11 May 2008

MRI Results

Dr Manifold said that the report showed 'nothing significant' and that the tumour was not compressing my spine. Therefore we can assume that it is my medication that is causing the numbness and tingling. I now have to cut down my medication again. Today is my first day and already I'm feeling lousy. It is yet to be seen if the numbness will go away. Still, at least the tumour hasn't got any bigger. :0)


Babs (Beetle) said...

Well, that is good news, although your pain will have to be dealt with. I'm sure they will get the medication sorted out, to prevent it soon.

weechuff said...

Hope you are feeling a little better today, (Monday). Don't worry, I am sure they will get your pain sorted out for you:0)

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling lousy. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon.

Big hugs, Sarah x