Thursday, 8 May 2008

Red Buttons, Bathroom Tiles and MRI

Daddy has more or less finished decorating and tiling the bathroom. The thing is, he ran out of tile spacers. I had an idea and after shuffling around in the craft room for a few minutes managed to find enough matching red buttons to do the job! Doesn't it look nice? Far better than those nasty white plastic crosses that they use! :0) Also, look at my new tiles:


Today I went for my monthly bone strengthening infusion at the hospital. While there I told Dr Manifold about my numb feet. He said it could be one of two things. Either my medication or the tumour on my spine is pressing on some nerves. To see one way or the other he sent me down for an MRI scan. I've never had one of those before. I laid down and was put into a big tube. I say big but it was only just big enough for my fat bum! Then I had to wear headphones as the machine is so noisy. The scan took about half an hour and I had a nice little snoozy-poozy as is was being done. There is one thing that I have been thinking of, up until now it has been assumed that the little shadow that was seen on my spine on the bone scan was a tumour. there has been no real proof. I suppose there is a slight chance that this scan would rule that out. Maybe I'm just dreaming, but by tonight I should get the phone-call to tell me one way or the other. I'll also get to know if there's anything else going on in there. Of course I shall let you know the results...


granny grimble said...

How inventive of you. It brightens it up no end! Can't wait to see the finished bathroom. Do you think he would do mine next!!!!
I was surprised that you hadn't had an MRI before, Arthur has had a couple. That's the one that Gill got hysterical over. I do hope that your news will be all that you hope for. Will wait on tenterhooks till I hear from you again. Good luck!

weechuff said...

What about an overall picture of the bathroom?

Croom said...

ooh the tiles look great, a bit like brick shaped tiles. Love the red buttons Poo, want them for my card making!

I do wish you many, many blessings for your result Poo, please let us know soon. I shall pray and pray.

Yes Sandie is so right, an overall pickie please.


Babs (Beetle) said...

Well, the tiles look great, but what about the shadowy bit then? Did they say what it was?

Laume said...

I've always wanted to find a creative way to incorporate those rubber cross spacers into an art project.