Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Stuck In Hospital!

Well, here I be, languishing in hospital again. This time I've been in for a week and will possibly be in for another couple yet. I had a creeping numbness in my legs and when it got to my waist I phoned my oncologist and he wanted me straight in. At first he thought it may be a drug reaction, but it soon became apparent that the cancer had spread into my spinal chord and was noshing on the nerves. By the next morning my right leg was dead and I couldn't walk so now I am confined to a wheelchair. Anyhoo...the upshot is pretty strong radiotherapy to my entire spine which is pretty tiring. It's hot and muggy and boring in here and did I mention BORING? I've been having lots of visitors and phone calls though. I have sewing and reading and laptop and TV, but I'm too tired to be bothered with it all really.

Today mum and dad and Gary came and we had coffee outside in the gorgeous sunshine before heading off to radiotherapy at another hospital. Not sure why dad's pulling that awful face!!!

I am having to stay in hospital until my house has been adapted for wheelchair, stairlift and ramps etc. I may ask my oncologist if I can at least go home to mum and dad's for the weekend as I don't have treatment then. I miss my family and little doggy so much!

I shall endeavour to keep you informed of anything interesting that happens. So far it has been dull, dull, DULL! In the meantime, I think that just possibly, maybe, there might be a slight improvement in my leg, so fingers crossed. :0)

Oh and of course now poor dad is having to decorate the bedroom and hall at break-neck speed in order to get me back home. I was SO determined to do most of it myself this time. I was even up a ladder stripping wallpaper only last Monday before all this happened. :0(


Croom said...

Oh dear, poor bored you. Just think of how pretty your bedroom will look when you do get home again.

I think your dads face is gorgeous! And you look good too, I thought Spain was the only sunny place ;O)

So pleased to hear there is a possible improvement in your leg, even a slight one is the start of things to come ah?

To tell you the truth Poo your dad is only joking when he says he has done the decorating, it is waiting for you ;O)

Well here’s hoping you will be home very soon now, oooh bet you can’t wait to hug your kiddies and Susie, oh well Gary too.

Love you Auntie T xxxx

weechuff said...

Dad was in the middle of eating his sandwich, and I think I caught him in the middle of a 'chew'!!
It made a lovely change for you to sit out in the sunshine, didn't it?

Babs (Beetle) said...

Can't wait to see if there is real improvement in your leg! That would be great :O)

It has been lovely and sunny today

Bry said...

Cooee me old mucker....nice to see you oot and aboot in your wheelie chair. I very much hope the old leg improves soon :0)

Lots of get well hugs and the like
Bry :0)xxx
ps See I do read and reply to your blog!

GoldAnne said...

Poor Sindie im so sorry you are in hospital again.
Lets hope you can go to your mum and dads
much love anne xxxx