Thursday, 28 August 2008

Golly, It's Been a Long Time!

It's been so long since I last blogged! That's mainly because I don't want to bore people with illness related stuff. It would have been all about scooters, stair lifts and wheelchairs.

Today I have something mildly interesting to blog about. The builders have arrived and are finally building an end wall in Emily's garage bedroom. As usual it's chaos. All the packing up in boxes and trying to store everything somewhere.

Here's my lovely lounge, now turned into a bedsit:

Added to this were the horrible rows with Emily as she's SO lazy and had every excuse under the sun not to pack her bedroom up for the builders. This of course caused me no end of stress, but else can I expect from a teenager? Aren't all teenagers the same? :0)

Here's the progress in the garage so far:

Yesterday morning while I was having a little nappette, this appeared. Goodness knows how they didn't wake me delivering this lot!:

I shall of course keep you updated on the building work, but alas, there will be no beautifully decorated room at the end of it. Emily is such a slob that we are refusing to decorate the room for her! Until she can keep her bedroom reasonably tidy for six months, she's going to have to live with bare plaster! Oooh, I'm such a ruthless mother!!!


weechuff said...

I find all this building work so exciting! Most people hate it, but not me:0) Our latest project has just started as well. A new blog me thinks.

granny grimble said...

Oooh I'm so excited for you. Wish it were me having things done. I know it's a lot of aggro to start with, but Oh the joy of the finished work.
Lovely to see you back on the blogging site. xx

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh more work ha ha! I thought you told me that Emily had changed, and was keeping her room nice and tidy!

That was wishful thinking on your part, I'm sure :O)

Sindie said...

No, Emily has NEVER kept her room tidy! That was Livvie, her room is always immaculate, thank goodness.

Sarah said...

There you are! Great to have you back, I've missed you in blogland.

I think all building work looks exciting, unless you are going through it! All the mess and everything not in its rightful place. But, the joy when its finished!!

Hugs, Sarah x

Croom said...

I agree with Mum and differ in one very large detail , I am not married to a builderholic so never, ever have nice things done :O( But I am sure I would delight in the excitement of seeing my home improve!

Like your Emily Bianca would have won a Nobel Prize for the most untidy bedroom, you could not even open the door for toot all over the floor and every surface available. I tell this story to bring a little cheer to your life as she now keeps the most beautifully clean and tidy house now!

I think you are a wonderful Mum, like you Leeta tried many different deterrents all to no avail!

Auntie T

♪♪Melody♪♪ said...

Hi, I have been seeking out blogs with Shih Tzu's. I came across yours and found the video of Suzie fetching. Our puppies look a bit alike. My little gal got a hair cut this week. I was going to leave her with lots of hair but man I just couldn't keep up with the combing and she looked like a fuzzy little mop all the time. I have never had a small dog before and boy am I glad I started with a Shih tzu. She is so smart and also loves fetching. I wish you the best of health.

Beverley said...

Phew Sindie, I kept checking your blog and was wondering how you were, glad to see you are okay. Good luck with the building work, and I don't envy you at all.

GoldAnne said...

Oh great to see you blogging again Sindie ,
Sounds a brilliant idea the garage being a bedroom,
love anne xxx

Anne said...

It's going to be fab when it's finished. I always hoped that when Sarah left home she would find something to make her tidy her room - having visited her in Sydney - nothing's changed. She is still a teenager with a messy room - except she will be 30 next year. Oh well at least I'm not having to tidy up after her - mind you more's the pity really. I do so miss her.