Thursday, 5 June 2008

Physiotherapy Band

Yesterday the nice physio lady came up to see me to sort me with some exercises. Although I have a nerve and not a muscle problem right now, my muscles will waste if I don't use them so I need to keep on top of it don't I? The exercises are quite small movements using a big resistant rubber band, but I can certainly feel them working. It's quite empowering doing something for myself! I am doing them three times a day and I am also adding some arm exercises as I'm having trouble sleeping on my bad side due to carpel tunnel type problems. I might actually ask the physio to furnish me with proper exercises for that when I next see her.

Even though I got zero sleep last night because they forgot to give me my sleeping tablets, i feel quite bright and breezy and hugely encouraged by improvements in my legs. I am still very unsteady and will need a wheelchair, but I'm rather hoping to ditch the Zimmer frame for home use.

Today I am going to force myself to do some preliminary sketching for a new quilt. Gary bought all my pens and paper etc last week and I haven't touched it. I just need to force myself. You know ow it is when you're bored. Boredom breeds more boredom and then you can't be bothered t do anything! I shall of course keep you updated with any progress.
I am most uncomfortable talking about myself like this, but I know I shall be in trouble f I don't keep everyone updated, so you can stop nagging!

Bright and cheerful in Sheffield on another beautifully sunny day. X X X X X


Croom said...

Wow that rubber band looks tough! Go for it girl.
You are right of course; you must keep them up to be a good strong girl!

What a bad little nursey she was to forget Poo’s sleeping tablets :O( never mind she will never forget them again ah?

What great news about the improvement with your leg Sindie, great stuff. Glad you can ditch the Zimmer frame, although I would rather like one for myself ;O)

I know what you mean about boredom breeding more boredom, it becomes a hassle to get your ‘get up and go’ to get up and go. DO IT!

Yes you must keep updating us cos it is better than us agroing you or your Mum :O)

From a much happier Auntie T xxxxxx

Babs (Beetle) said...

That rubber thing looks very handy - for all sorts ;O)

I'm sure they wouldn't have minded you asking about your tablets!

Bry said...

Coooool rubber bandy thingy, very hip and trendy way to exercise!

Soooooo glad that the old leggie is feeling alive again, all that radiotherapy must be doing the old trick :0)

Love and stuff
Bry ;0)

GoldAnne said...

so pleased you have some improvement Sindie,great you are doing your blog there, I will have to start doing mine again its been yonks!!!
love Anne xxxxxxxxxx

All Bear said...

Whaaaaat???? I log on to see bedroom antics and what do I get instead? Bloomin' 'eck girl, you might be bored witless, but you are far from leading a boring life! I'll keep everything crossed for your rubber band technology - take care my lovely x

MiniBear said...

Keep smiling, girl!!
What are visiting hours...heck, Stockport isn't THAT far from Sheffield...
I'm serious!!
Gentle hugs
x x

Beverley said...

Just been in to catch up on your blog, sorry to read you are stuck in hospital. That rubber band thing will be useful to flick at the nurses when they forget your sleeping tablets, Beverley xxx

Laume said...

I had no idea you were battling with so many health issues. I hope you're back home soon, it's so hard to be in the hospital. Hugs.