Friday, 5 September 2008

London Trip.

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely comments from my last blog welcoming me back into Blog Land.

So many people have asked me to blog about London and I wasn't really in the mood to. But I've given in because Emily downloaded all the photos for me so I didn't really have an excuse! First of all, here are a few photos to cheer you up on this awful rainy day. Here is a vase of the orange Lillis that grow in so many of our gardens. They're often seen outside, but it never occurred to me to put some in a vase until now. It's like I brought a little bit of sunshine into the house:

And this is Emily's first day at college. She does make me laugh! What a get-up!:

Now for London. We had the most amazing time. This is the first hotel that Dawn got us cut-price:

We forgot to take photos of the hotel that The Willow Foundation got us, but they also set up £150 room service for us which we didn't manage to spend. Emily and Livvie did order an apple pie and ice cream and a fruit salad at about 11.45pm and then snitched all the chocolate out of the three mini bars! Here's all of us when we first arrived in London at the first hotel:

On the Saturday we spent the day at Camden Market. Livvie's head was swivelling and her eyes were on stalks! There were 12" mohicans, multiple facial piercings, 80's disco divas and every fashion trend from the past 60 or so years walking about. I thought it was quite hysterical that fully grown adults would dress in such ways!
On Saturday evening two chauffeur driven cars came to pick us up to take us to Planet Hollywood (a restaurant). Here we were given a £180 meal allowance. Here's me and Gary not looking too happy...but honest, we were!:
And here are my beautiful girlies acting like right plumbs:
Please notice Emily's new dress that she bought from Camden Market. Apparently she looks like a rock star here. After our meal we walked the short distance to the theatre to Hairspray. That was SUCH fun, even Gary loved it!
The next day we had an appointment to go on the London Eye. Again we were picked up by cars and this time driven to the South Bank. It was chucking down! The view wasn't so great. I think you can just about see Big Ben sprouting out the top of my head:
We had decided that we had so much fun at Camden that we'd go a second time instead of going to Covent Garden as planned. The trouble was it was still raining hard and I was feeling the cold sat in a wheelchair so I bought this rather fetching plastic poncho to cover me up. Isn't it smashing?:

We had such a fantastic time in London and The Willow Foundation were more than generous. It is definitely an experience that we wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford and I am so pleased that the girls in particular had such a fantastic time. :0)


granny grimble said...

What a shame it rained and spoiled the views from the London Eye. What 'a grand Day Out' as Wallace would say. They certainly did you proud. Did you manage to eat up you allowance in Planet Hollywood? The girls looked so trendy and 'London'. I used to work just opposite Camden Market, except that it was called Camden Passage then. I used to buy my art stuff in a little shop there. We are going back 56 years, so I should think it's changed just a tad!

weechuff said...

Oh, I didn't realise Camden Market was the old Camden Passage! I know it well then. I went to my last school just round the corner in Duncan Terrace:0) What smashing photo's, I am so glad someone took some. That bedroom looks very grand! Now we need a blog of the garage conversion while you are in the mood!

Croom said...

I love Orange lilies and dafs Sindie; they do bring sunshine to a dull day.

Wow Emily looks great, I just love her tops (and the buttons :O) Well done Em.

Fancy not using all your hotel allowance up, I would have :O) How nice that you were always picked up in chauffeur driven car. It makes all the difference I bet. That is a nice photo of you and Gary. In fact I love all the photos and will save them. I love Ems new dress she brought, and doesn’t Livvie look a stunner!

Love the Poncho Poo, you always look fetching. Glad a good time was had by all. What a wonderful foundation ah. Tinaxx

weechuff said...

By the way, those flowers look lovely, and I shall do the same as soon as the rain stops!!

GoldAnne said...


Sindie said...

Oooh Anne, yes they are Montbrecia, I just looked them up! Hey everybody, Pay attention, our orange 'lillis' are actually called Montbrecia!!!Well, you learn something new every day. :0)

Babs (Beetle) said...

Oh Sindie, I nearly forgot to read this ;O)

What a great time you all had! Shame about the rain, but even then you can still enjoy yourself :O)

Emily looks great - except the glasses and green laces ha ha!

Glad you had a wonderful time, and a time to remember :O)

Sarah said...

Wow! How great is the Willow Foundation. I'm so pleased you had a great time. How cool is that poncho, huh, huh?

Big hugs, Sarah x

Laume said...

We were lucky not to get too much rain when we visited London. However it poured most of the time we were in Edinburgh - we still had a good time though. Your Emily looks so completely joyful in her photos, I love people who truly know who they are and are not afraid to flaunt it.
Your poncho was very chic - I bet everyone around you wished they had one just like it!

emilyyy said...

I looked SMASHING! And when we went to the theatre I looked like a rockstar. Mum doesn't agree, but it's true.

We had an amazing time and I spent £135 in Camden!

Lots of love <3

Bry said...

Looks like you had a jolly good time matey, so glad that the Willow Foundation did you proud. I have to say that the poncho is super duper and you look a little like you are wearing a condom but let us keep it to ourselves eh!?? I remember going to Alkmaar in Holland when Andy was a baby and it rained like armagedon and we ended up putting Andy in a carrier bag in his buggy to keep him dry!!! LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynne Chapman said...

I am going to get a poncho like yours. In fact I might wear it even when it's sunny...

Sounds like a truly AMAZING time in London. Some loevly photos of you all. Can't get over how cool and trendy the girls look.

Love the flowers too - we have those in the garden too but, like you, it never occurred to me to bring them in. They look so beautiful.