Thursday, 26 July 2007

Bone scan

Wednesday 25th July 2007

Today I went for a bone scan at the hospital. My Oncologist ordered it because I have been having hip pains again and he thought we’d better just check. My hip was fine and my old tumour site looked way better. However, there were some worrying hot spots on my chest and mid spine. The technician lady said the spots on my chest might be explained as urine in my kidneys perhaps, but the spot on my spine was somewhat worrying. Someone else suggested it might be the edge of my sternum, but then that didn’t show up in previous scans. My Oncologist won’t get to see the scan for about a week as it goes through the system so I have rather a long wait for the verdict. :0(

The route to the hospital is still being diverted through the lanes because of the floods. As we drove through Lower Bradfield a herd of cows were blocking the road. They were just coming back from milking. It’s fab living in the country and we certainly don’t mind hold ups like this!

When I first got to the hospital I was given a radioactive injection and sent away for a few hours for it to take effect. No contact with pregnant ladies or children and no sitting next to anyone for prolonged periods of time. We used this time to go into Sheffield and look at the new building on The Peace Garden. It’s looking great now, quite cosmopolitan. The Peace Gardens had a face lift a few years ago, probably in 2000. There are streams and fountains and waterfalls where the children play in the summer.

Oh my goodness, I look like a beach ball! When did I ever get SO fat? It's comfort eating, that's what it is.

This photo is a little better cos my bottom half is hidden!Behind this is The Winter Garden which holds galleries, shops and cafes. They have loads of these huge stainless ball water features. If you look carefully you can see me and Gary reflected in the ball! :0)

Normally we’d take a stroll round The Graves Gallery while we’re there, but we didn’t get the time.
When I got back to the hospital at 1pm I was put through a big machine.

A big box thing comes down so close to your face that you think it’s going to squash your head like a watermelon! That’s all there is to it really. Afterwards I talked the technicians into showing me the scan picture and comparing the old scan to the new scan. They’re very sweet to me whenever I have a scan and always greet me like old friends. They even had my baby needle laid out ready today!
After the scan we had to go and tell mum and dad the news which of course is never a pleasant job. They didn’t even know I was going for a scan so it was a bit of a shock. I never tell anyone anything until there’s something to worry about. If I’d have told mum three weeks ago that I was waiting for a scan she would have spent those three weeks in a right state about it!
So there you are, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear from my Oncologist. He’ll probably order X-rays and an MRI.


weechuff said...

Has anyone ever come across such an up-beat, positive person as Sindie? It would have been so much harder for all of us if Sindie had reacted differently. All her family are really very proud of her:0)

Love Mum XXXX

GoldAnne said...

Hi Sindie,xxx
I think you are an amazing lady ,
much love to you .
rias mumsie

Beetle said...

No, I haven't Sandie!

Glad your blog is back Sindie. I missed it :O)

granny grimble said...

Sindie re-enforces all that Mum taught us about bravery and stoicism, only she didn't get taught. Sindie is naturally just like Mum. She is everything that I would hope to be in her position. She has all my love and admiration.

Bry said...

Not much to add to those comments really. I have found Sindie to be the most amazing friend I could ever hope for and I find her ability to 'deal' with everything in such an upbeat way truly inspiring! Sindie would be happy to say that if this sort of thing happened to me I would be a blubbering, gibbering, pathetic heap in the corner!!!

I never had a sister but if I was given one now I would have Sindie in a heartbeat!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxLove ya...Bryxxxxxx

Croom said...

Ah Sindie, Bry's message had me in tears, I too would be proud to have you as a Daughter, sister, brother, dad or Mum! as it is I have you as my adorable niece.

Sandie we do not forget you in all this, you have also got to be the most strong, brave Mum in the world.

Everything will be fine Poo. Auntie Tina xxxxxx