Thursday, 13 September 2007

Banoffee Pie, Pincushions and Embellishments.

Yesterday I made a Banoffee Pie for Emily. She's been whinging at me to make one for days. So this just goes to show that spoilt brats do get what they want by going on and on and on and on.....

Just to give you an idea of all the lardy goodness that goes into it: half a packet of digestive biscuits, a pack of butter, a tub of double cream, black treacle, half a bar of dark chocolate, about a cup of sugar and four bananas. Real heart attack stuff! I had the tiniest slither but couldn't eat it as it's SO sweet so both the girls swooped in, forks at the ready to finish mine off!

I have recently purchased some huge quilters pins. They need to be very big so that they can get through all the layers of fabric. They have big pearly coloured flower heads. My little pin cushion is no good for them as it's already stuffed with my regular sized pins, so I thought I'd make a big pin cushion to go with my big pins.

The base is about 4" in diameter. It's a plastic tub that I covered with an iridescent fabric. I then filled it with plastic pellets for weight. The top is a piece of scrap cotton that I embroidered on the machine. There wasn't much point in embroidering it but for my own satisfaction! I then did a running stitch round the embroidered fabric and stuffed it with polyfil before gluing it in place with my hot glue gun. I glued some pretty braid round the base to finish it off. It's certainly 'home made', but it does the trick admirably! Oh, and I have a nasty blister on my pinkie after using the hot glue gun. Ouch!

I started hand embellishing my quilt yesterday. Apart from the chain stitch on the facial features, it's the only hand sewing I have done to it. I have added the butterflies and beaded them and am now in the process of sewing on the flowers with little beads and gems that Auntie Leeta gave me. See, I told you I'd be able to use them for sewing Leeta!


weechuff said...

What about all the Bournville chocolate that went into the cake as well? Hope there is a little bit left for us to sample:0)

The pin cushion is fabulous. I don't know where you get all these good ideas from.

And the little portions of the quilt that you show are very tantalising!

granny grimble said...

Can't think what to say about your quilt that will do it justice. How about 'You intoxicate my soul with your talent' There!
I think that your pin cushion is terrific. Can I order one for my forthcoming birthday in two months?
I can't believe that you made such a poisonous pie! What a way to go though. Come to think of it, it probably would see me off! Now I'm sad cos even if you offered (which I can tell you won't!) I couldn't try it. Boo Hoo!
I love your blogs as they are always about fascinating things that you do or discover. Don't hear much about Gazza these days though! XXXXX

Sindie said...

I have added the chocolate to list. :0)

You are more than welcome to try the pie Leeta, cos I sure as hell don't want it!!! You might have to fight Emily and Livvie for it though.

Poor Gary is working so hard that I hardly ever see him these days. He did a 24 hour shift, followed by a full weekend and now he's working nights. We are going away thought his weekend as he's had enough of work!

Beetle said...

I feel sick! and nothing to do with the cats this time. How can anyone eat that sickly mixture? Mind you, it looks absolutely scrumptious I must say. Like a page from a recipe book :O)

The pin cushion is great - "Where there's a will, there's a way" I say, and Sindie always finds it ha ha!
I've seen the quilt and Sindie is very clever indeed :O)

emilyyy said...

I am not a spoilt brat! And I only asked 2 or 3 times. Usually I ask about 500 before you threaten me with something and I run away =D

It was a VERY nice pie, by the way!!


GoldAnne said...

Sindie,ive only ever made banoffie
pie with condensed milk,,? does treacle taste good and did you try experimenting? I just cant resist it, havnt made one for about 5 years lol I just eat it and eat and well eat it!!!!!