Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Delivery From India and 60's Machine Embroidery

This morning parcel number two arrived courtesy of Debra in Texas. This time is was my scrummy variegated silk threads all the way from India. So pretty! I couldn't adjust the colours to show you how bright they really are so you'll have to take my word for it.

This morning I had a lovely visit from Auntie's Babs & Mo. We had a nice cup of tea and a chin-wag. It was so lovely to see them as I don't think I have seen them for a few months since becoming a hermit! They came to collect my old sewing machine which is going to Auntie Louie in Devon. While they were here they saw my new sewing machine, beads, threads and other shiny stuff. Babs gave me a few more pointers on machine embroidery and beading and while they were here I dug out some of Babs' embroideries that I have had since I was a wee girl. My girls have also enjoyed them and I used to let them sort through them when they were babies to keep them occupied. I assume Babs hasn't seen them since she made them at age 15? She was a trainee when she did them. They're great although they are so 60's!
They are something I wouldn't part with for the world and I hope my girls cherish them like I do. I can clearly remember gazing at them as a child.

Look at the work in this clown.
Yesterday I backed my quilt and put the binding on it, so the quilting stage is at last finished.
It's actually done very badly, but that's ok because I am an artiste! Now I can begin the fun of embellishing. This is the exciting bit for me now. I am going to bead and spangle it to within an inch of it's life!

I cut some butterflies and flowers from some pretty fabric and fused some backing onto them (circled). I will now bead them and maybe embroider on them and 3D them ready to attach to the quilt.


Beetle said...

Having seen it all 'In the flesh' so to speak, it took me right back to when I was sooooo young :O)

I was actually about 18 when I did all those little bits. I was originally a designer of embroidery to begin with. Might be worth a blog actually ;O)

granny grimble said...

Can we see a picture of the quilty before you start beading and twinkling it? Those embroidery patches of Babs really took me back. I had loads of them. She used to do them for me to put on Lynne's baby clothes and bits. When Lynne was about Emily's age, she had a pair of flared jeans, and got me to sew the patches all over them. Cool man! In the end I passed them on to someone else in the family, but I can't remember who. Perhaps it was Sandie. I wish I'd kept them now!

Sindie said...

I'm not allowed to put a full-on photo on the blog or mum will complain! She hasn't seen it and won't look until it's finished.

Beetle said...

That's right I did them for leeta and your mum. I just remembered - it wasn't Tina :O) I had some on my jeans too!

weechuff said...

I am almost sure that Babs gave me all of mine, but I may be wrong. I cherished them for years and years before handing them on to Sindie, who loved them:0)

weechuff said...

I forgot to say how well the quilt is coming on Sindie. I am dying to see it finished. Perhaps you can send a photo of it now to Leeta, because I won't see it then. And what another lovely surprise from the sweet lady in Texas!