Monday, 27 August 2007

Freecycle Freebies and Lost Things

Just a quick note to tell you about my latest Freecycle 'gift'. I have just collected from Rotherham a carrier bag full to the brim of cotton threads.

I misunderstood the original offer and thought I was going to collect cotton fabric, but was delighted to find it was spools of thread instead! If anyone reading this has never heard of Freecycle, then take a look:

It's a fantastic way to recycle unwanted stuff and also to receive some great free bits and bobs. I have given away so much stuff now that I can't remember it all, but some of the things I have received have been a table top cooker for the camper van which is fabulous. A bag of cotton scraps and buttons for my sewing. A stack of paperback books. All of the chrome light switches, plug plates etc for the kitchen which all seemed brand new and then today all the cotton threads.

Talking of old stuff, I found two precious things today that have been missing for ages. We have been clearing out the shed these past couple of days and amongst Gary's stuff was this old knitting needle case that his mum made at school. Can you imagine a daughter being so disrespectful of something of such sentimental value? SHAME ON YOU GARY!

It was totally smelly and damp. It has been duly laundered with love and now I shall keep it somewhere safe and dry for one of my girls to inherit one day. :0)

Something else I found was a crazy memory quilt I made when the girls were small.

It is made up of patches from Emily's and Livvie's toddler dresses, Livvie's favourite jim-jams from when she was about two, mum's old duvet cover, and several pieces of Gran's lace and trim from her sewing box. It's only small and was made for Livvie's birthday for her dolls. Livvie had stuffed it at the bottom of her wardrobe so I have confiscated it now and it shall reside with the needle case in happy retirement. :0)


granny grimble said...

What a wonderful find! You must be overjoyed. What I don't understand, is what are delicate things like that doing in a garden shed full of damp and unmentionables! I would expect to find them in an attic or cellar or cupboard under the stairs, but not a garden shed! Did you find any other treasures?

Sindie said...

I have no idea why it was in the shed. Gary has no respect!

weechuff said...

Did Maurice give it to Gary or did Eileen give it to you? What a lovely keepsake to have. I remember you making that little quilt:0)

Sindie said...

I don't know why we have it. Gary probably wanted it because no one else did I expect. The thing is, Eileen was totally unsentimental. If she kept that all those years it is because it was something she was proud of and/or used. Because of that I want to look after it for her. :0)

Beetle said...

How lovely! Think how old it is if she made it at school :O) Men! No values ha ha!

Spider said...

Oh what a find Sindie, better than finding spiders I say.

Why don't you use it for your knitting needles when you finally knit the boxes!

Sindie said...

Me, knit boxes? Ha ha ha!