Friday, 31 August 2007

Oh. My. Goodness!

You probably all know by now as I think I have told the world. This morning I had a surprise delivery. The doorbell rang and when I answered it the delivery man plopped two parcels inside the door. It was a Brother Innov-IS 400 computerised sewing machine and a full set of Brother embroidery threads! I just clamped my hand over mouth and burst into tears! The poor man was most befuddled as he didn't know what he had given me. I explained that it was a sewing machine and he said 'You must have wanted it for a long time then?' I said 'No actually, it's just that I had absolutely no idea I was getting it!'. He went away smiling.

I immediately rang Gary who is now away til Monday night and blubbed and snivelled my thanks to him. I said I was worried about the money it cost, but he said I mustn't worry my pretty little head about it as he had it covered. So I shan't worry. :0) I know he's doing nights next week and overtime at the weekend, so I guess that's how he's paying for it. Bless his heart. I was so touched to know how much he must love me!

I didn't open it immediately as I wanted to have all my chores done first so that I'd have the rest of the day to play. I was so excited when I did eventually get to open it that I was actually shaking!

This box is double sided. See how ridiculously excited I am? It was a free gift and retails at £159.99!!! Look at all those yummy quality threads.

Look at all the stuff that came with it. There were loads of different feet and tools, an extension table that clips on and a hard cover.

After about two hours I managed this! It was all so confusing. You'll see that I still need a bit of practice, but I'm getting there. :0)

Look at the pretty lighty-uppy bits!

See how it glides with the greatest of ease.

This is what I did today. All that smashing gold stitchery. Doesn't it look pretty?

And here's the tiny chain stitch I've been doing. It gets a bit lost in the felt, but is effective from a distance.

And the Spoiled Brat of the Year Award goes to............SINDIE!!!!!


Bry said...

ooooooooooooo look at all the preettty sewing, you clever ole thing you....what a lovely spanky machine :0)xxxxxxxx

Beetle said...

Spoilt brat, spoilt brat, spoilt brat! So posh eh? Don't forget I used to be a whizz kid on embroidery machines, so might need to see it in action ;O)

granny grimble said...

I said most of my oooohs and Aaaaahs on the phone. What a lucky girl you are, and what a lovely husband you have (But I expect you know that) You've made a smashing job of what you've done so far. Can't wait to see it all in a couple of weeks time.

Purple Peril said...

What a spanking gorgeous machine you have there my dear! And most smashing threads too! Yes I have finally joined you. Hi Sandy x.

Jeanette Spain said...

Oh Sindie what a lovely surprise, and what a great machine, you could have a little buisiness here as we belong to the Spanish motorhome club , and we were looking for tee shirts with the logo on. Could of got you a few to do.
You are so clever on it, how did you learn to do all that with it.
Jeanette Spain

weechuff said...

I just love all the gold stitching. It really finishes it off!! By the way, hello, but who are you Purple Peril?

Spider said...

hehehehe Sandie, you did make me smile, Hi purple peril.

Sindie your machine is just simple the best as both Tinas would say ;O)

What fantaswtic work you have done on it all ready. How big is the quilt going to get? Can I have a longer shot of the face please? Well done you.


Sindie said...

Purple Peril Is Mel I'm guessing! Mel is my oldest friend from school...well, she's actually younger than me, buy you know what I mean! We have known each other since 1981, so thats exactly 26 years!

Purple Peril said...

Yes it is I, Hi Spider. I have had alot of trouble with my account but I think it is now sorted out. So I will be on here alot more, especially next Thursday as my youngest Son will be starting full time school!